Saturday, December 20, 2008

2-3-4 Inches of Snow on the Oregon Coast again

Another winter storm for the Oregon coast, I woke up yesterday morning to 3 inches of snow here on the coast. Looks like winter has arrived and it sounds bad today, we are going to get high winds, and freezing rain!
So I thought I would share a few pictures, because it is rare to see snow on the beach! And Astoria is colder than Portland! WOW! that is pretty amazing and strange. Here is the snowman .....

My son after he has thrown a snowball at me!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Contest has Ended


This contest is all for the silly and fun side of Christmas time.
I have a quiz for you all
There are 5 questions that you will have to answer in order to win if you can answer all 5 questions correctly you will be the big winner!
The picture above is what you will win!
There were no winners this time but you can see the answers to the quiz......

1. What was so great about the little neurotic doll the sweet girl was given for Christmas?
It was a Wind up dolly
2. What do you call a Kitty on the beach at Christmas time?
Santa claws
3. Who is never hungry at Christmas time?
The turkey who is always stuffed
4. Why does Santa Claus have 3 different gardens?
So he could HO, HO HO!
5. What does a snowman eat for breakfast?
Snow Flakes
Come on and have a little fun this holiday season, you just might be the lucky one who knows the answers to these silly questions.
So hurry and send your answers in by Dec 17th to
I will then pick the winner by Dec 19th and ship Dec 20th by priority mail
Yup this is a whirl wind Christmas contest! so hurry and get those answers emailed to me.
In your emails answer the questions and send along your email so that I can contact the winner for shipping address.
Remember to have some fun and good cheer with this silly quiz, because you could be the winner.
Good Luck!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Started a New Store

Well I went and decided to start another store using blogging. This store will be smaller just a few items at a time and I will have a feature item once a week that has larger pictures and details about the product. It's call It's Just Krazy Kute Productions instead, I changed the name because I starting over and fresh again, but I have not forgotten Frankly It's Kute Productions.
One day I hope to resume that store also again but for now I will have tons of fun in both blogs. In fact I am thinking about doing a small contest in this one in the next week coming.
I also wanted to say a few things, I how thankful for Frankly It's Kute Productions, I have made some great friends through having that store and learned a lot.
I could complain about how bad of year it has been so far, with the problems with my health and economic times. But I am not going to do that, just because there has so much more to be thankful for.
That's right I am thankful for my adverse times, why? so that I might gain more compassion for others and knowledge.
"Come What May, and Love It". The talk is by Elder Joseph B Wirthlin.
There is a part of the talk I would love to share with you all during these hard times and it goes like this; "Learning to endure times of disappointment, suffering and sorrow is part of our on-job-training. The experiences, while often difficult to bear at the time, are precisely the kinds of experiences that stretch our understanding, build our character, and increase our compassion for others."
We also have to remember this, "He who descended below all things will come to our aid. He will comfort and uphold us. He will strengthen us in our weakness and fortify us in our distress. He will make weak things become strong."
I try to always remember this when things seem like they are at the worse.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Frankly its kute productions is gone for now

How to begin this was tough to do, but I had to take down the craft store Frankly Its's kute Productions. The choice was made for me in someways, as I was not able to renew the domain name right now.
I have to admit things are very tough right now for me and my family, but I know faith it will turn around and this summer I have plans on creating a new store. My blog is still here and I am hoping to figure out a way to help you all be able to purchase things just from the blog and I have to find out how to do that or create another blog with my hand made crafts you can purchase, if anyone can help with ideas I would love to hear from you.
I am sorry about having to shut the craft store down, but logging is quite bad and the out look for the future of it is not good there are lots of rumors floating around and my fingers are crossed that most of them will end up being untrue. In any case it will be alright no matter what, I feel that is the only way to look at things right now.
Some say why be hopeful well, is it not a whole lot harder to faith than not to have faith? So I will keep faith and a very positive outlook at things.
I figure its just a bit of adversity to come through and we all will, with faith, hope and prayers that will be answer come what may.

There still will be lots of crafts and ideas and I will think of lots more to do on my blog.
I will have something fun for you all in the next few days, maybe a contest..... or a free giveaway so be sure to stayed tuned it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Late with this Recipe, Mint Walnut Fudge

Well I fell behind a bit, this post was suppose to be on Friday. But it still will be fun to make for Thanksgiving.
By the way Happy Thanksgiving to all! May your hearts be fill with the spirit of gratitude. Let this spirit of Thanksgiving be with you all your life.

What you will need:
  • 1 bag of mint chips
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of sweet milk
  • 2 cups of chopped walnuts
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 jar of marshmallow creme
Start first by melting the butter and marshmallow creme, in a sauce pan on medium heat. Add the chips be sure to stir often making sure all gets blended. Add the sugar, sweet milk and let it boil up to soft ball stage, be sure to keep stirring while it boils so that it does not burn on the bottom go a little past the soft ball stage before removing not quite to the hard ball stage. Remove from heat and add the walnuts, pour into lightly greased pan and cool.

If you can not find the mint chips, use white chocolate chips, peppermint, and green food coloring. Just a cap full of green food coloring to the melted chips or if you want add coloring till you get the green you want, add just a little bit of peppermint flavoring and you now have walnut mint fudge.
Again Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday gift box

I thought I would share one of my many craft ideas with everyone.
So first you will need a small wooden box that you can find at any craft store.
I love color and for this box I used a bright red acrylic pain and brushed it on all over the box and let it dry over night.
Then I took some walnut stain and carefully dabbed it on in certain places on the box and took a old dry cloth and wiped away the staining, so that it gave the box an aged look.
I let dry once again over night.
For the top of the lid I used a clear glitter pain and brushed it on and let it dry.
I had some really cute graphic bears and downloaded them onto some photo print paper and cut them out.
I carefully decoupaged them onto the lid, using 2-3 coats and letting each coat dry before doing the next coating.
The final touches were a little more glitter paint and a good sealer to seal everything nicely.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sorry to all

Hello everyone, sorry you all have not heard from me.
I have been very ill with a serious case of Pneumonia, it started the first of October and has lasted to now, Nov 13. It has been quite a battle for me, as I also have severe asthma, my breathing was down to 30% which is quite bad for someone my height and age. It took over 3 visits to the doctor and lots medication.
Thank goodness I am finally getting back to being somewhat well again. It has been said we are given trials to over come and I have almost overcome this one.
The asthma is just about under control again and I have a new medication that has been helping a whole lot.
I am sorry about not getting the recipes and ideas to all and I soon hope to change all that.
I am having some other trials along with the illness and those also will have outcomes.
Soon I will have some good recipes and ideas and adventures to tell you all about.
For instance the last 2 days have been very exciting, rain, rain rain!
Astoria, Oregon broke records again! over 5 inches of rain! My yard is a swamp and when the dogs come in what a mess!
Polar bear loves the couch and when I am not looking up he goes and now you can not even seen the pattens in the couch, silly dog!
I feeling bad about not being able to sew or craft, I have missed it greatly and soon I will back to it again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Spookey Old Halloween Pillow

This pillow was fun to design, because most it is in black and white and there is a bit of story going on in it.
It can only be Halloween, the crazy old witch is out roaming the sky with her black cat guiding the way. Those ghosts look as if they are their way to gather pumpkins for the annual pumpkin contest. But look out there is mischief a foot see who is hiding? is that another ghost and just what could Dracula be up too?
I used all cotton fabrics to create the pillow cut out pieces and sewed around them with a colorful thread. I also wanted just a touch of color so I added the pumpkins and the wicked old fence for more of a story. The pillow is filled with fiber fill and a very spooky decorative pillow for Halloween. You can find this spooky old Halloween pillow in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pneumonia Season is here.

Hi everyone!
Sorry its been so long, but its back to school and of course time for those nasty old virus to come out. Sometimes I think I have a bull eyes painted right on my forehead for them. I have been down and out with a very serious case of Pneumonia which has lasted about 3 weeks now. But I am feeling better, I am here writing.
The camera is still down and I hope to get a new one this week, its been disappointing not being able to add anything to the main store.
Funny how much we all depend on those electronic things.
What's new....
This year my sons football team had their first lost in 6 years, but it was a little one sided. The JV team that they played had Juniors and Seniors on the team and the referees were a bit bias and that old yellow flag was half way down before the play even took place.
I am also going to school online; I had to with the price of food going up and having that 14 year old boy in the house with his friends. I never have understood where those boys can put all that food. The other reason was my husband was in another minor accident with his log truck. I feel I need a degree in case, I need to get back into the work force. So I attempting to get an associate degree in business. So I feel like very mature student with knowledge, I guess that would be a way to put it.
I have learned to roll with all those punches and say it could be worse... and laugh at all the nutty disasters that somehow find me. Maybe too gaining some wisdom from all that comes before me.
I been sewing and I will be adding new things soon.
Did you know that if you mix chopped onion and Catalina dressing together and pour it over chicken breasts and bake in the over at 350 degrees it makes a quick meal and is good.
Another quick idea is to take 3 cups of catchup and 1 1/2 winger, chopped onion, 2 cups of chopped celery, chopped zucchini mix all ingredients together and pour over chicken legs, breasts or thighs and bake at 350 degrees also. This also is quite a great quick meal idea, then add a green salad and corn bread. Its a big yum in my home.
Did you know you can make cinnamon rolls out of Bisquick? I will have that recipe for you later this week.
The Talking Tombstones will be coming up again and I hope to have a camera to share that adventure will you all again. Wonder if there might be more ghosts roaming around then?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Vacuums don't Work Like the Good Old Days

This week is one of the worse weeks for my electronic items. Seems everything decided to break down at once. I have now have no digital camera, no vacuum, no dyer and my son's PSP broke down in the first week.
I am somewhat bummed out out about the camera, I will not be able to take pictures of the new wall hanging quilt that I finished nor can I take pictures of the coffee cake so that you all can see the out come of the recipe. We have had to use the old clothes line for drying clothes but that's ending with rain on its way.
Vacuums don't work like the good old days, seems I go through vacuums like gum sometimes. I always buy the inexpensive ones so maybe that's the problem. I think the dyer is about 20 years old so it was due to go.
What really is disturbing, is the PSP my son bought and used for a week and the motor burned out. Now we can't replace because he choose not to purchase the warranty. Well he actually did not have enough money for the warranty. The point is to this is things just aren't made like the good old days.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Goofy Ghosting Around

Here is a sweet old ghost attempting to take his pet pumpkin and cat for a ghoulish night out. But it looks as though the kitty might have some different ideas! That impish grin can mean only one thing...
I had so much fun using a pattern from McCall's, I used a few of my own ideas though when it came to creating the characters. To make the ghost, I used some white Rayon fabric and painted the face using acrylic paints. The pumpkin is made with Halloween
fabrics and I did a little soft sculpting for the eyes.
The Kitty is a heavy black cotton fabric and he has button eyes, a impish grin, made from white cotton fabric and sewn by machine.
Everyone is filled with fiber fill and some cat litter for weighting everyone down. These goofy guys are great for decorating or using as a doorstop for the Harvest holidays coming up.

Same pattern but a whole different look! This time I used quilting batting and stained it with coffee. I also gave this goofy ghost two pumpkins that are out of control!
Everybody is filled with fiber fill and some cat littler for weight. On this ghost I did the face with my sewing machine. These guys were so much fun to create and the ideas to make them are endless. Both of these goofy ghosts and their pals can be found only in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Something from past Fall holidays, Frankie

Frankie is something I created a while back, and he was tons of fun to make. I used muslin to make the body of the the doll and filled him with some cat litter to weight him, and filled him with fiber fill. The clothes are all different fabrics, Halloween fabrics and cotton fabrics. Now his vest is a plush felt, which I have not been able to find that same color for years darn it. I did his face in black cotton floss and did it by hand. His hair is back yarn that I took and separated the yard, knotted it and sewed and glued it to his head. There are raffia bows and stain ribbon bows tied on him. The final thing I want to note is his bolts to his neck, they are gold screws I found just laying around. I made a small poke in the fabric and put a dab of hot glue on the screw and inserted them.
Right now Frankie is in the sales bin at Frankly It's Kute Productions, you can purchase him for $12.00 and he is a 22 inch cloth doll.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tomato Corn Soup Recipe

Howdy to all its been a very crazy few weeks, running to football practices, getting ready for school again.
I am feeling better, but the back is healing very slowly and I might have some arthritis in the back. But not to worry, it will get better.
I have been so busy with football, my son did decide to return and they have won their first game; hooray fighting fishermen. School starts this wend, Sept 3rd and I will have a Senior and a Freshman going to school.
I am working on a wall hanging quilt for fall and hope have it done in the next few weeks, it's all about some black crows.
The sale is still on I want to make room for some new ideas so I am going to keep it on until it is out with the old and in with the new.

Tomato Corn Soup

2 cans of cream corn

2 cans of stewed tomatoes

3 Cups of cut up potatoes

1 Small onion cut up

Cooked bacon cut up about one and one half cup

1 Can of vegetable Broth

3-4 Cups of water

Add everything to a crock pot and cook on low all day. This is so good for those cool fall days coming up and its very easy and quick to make. Just cook up the bacon a few days ahead of time. This is a recipe you can even add more or less just let the imagination flow.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally Back and Doing Somewhat Better.

Wow it great to be able to sit and write in not much pain. I somehow hurt my back, and we still are not sure exactly what happened but it caused me to be unable to walk, sit, stand or lay down for more than 3 weeks now. What happened next was amazing, I went to the doctor and got medication. The medication caused some major bleeding in my bladder, which is the side affect of this medication. It was scary for awhile, the bleeding has stopped and I am now able to sit in comfort somewhat. What I am most thankful for is the ability to walk again, and stand. It was not fun laying only on my right side for 3 weeks with a large pillow between my legs.
Now I have to be so very careful, as my back, snaps, crackles, and pops, and at times I can tell when I have done to much and then must sit for an hour or two with an heating pad. I am sorry about not being able to be online...
That has been tough, because my blog and store have been neglected the most. I really missed my sewing and crafting! I want to get busy again, I hope to this coming week. Fall is almost here and I have not none anything!
I have been doing light exercise on a gazette so to make my back stronger and start to lose weight, I have lost 5 pounds, one would think it should be lots more. I have not felt like eating and usually its been a cup of soup or something really light.
Today I was working in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions, putting up some new graphics, and continuing the sale. I also created a sale bin for some items, and I will be working more on it this week. I think I am gonna hold off on contests for awhile, until I improve lots more. I almost forgot tomorrow is my birthday! Not too sure I am so excited, but I guess I need to look at it as being another year wiser.... yeah that's the way I will put it.
Coming up I will have a great soup recipe for everyone and soon I will show something new I hope to create.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Seriously Hurt Me!

Hey everyone!
You all are probably wondering where I have been? I will talk about it! I have blown out 2 discs in my back! OUCH! is only the half of it.... dumb me this is the third time I have done this. I have been quite laid up to say the least. I am still hurting quite a bit but I am able to do a few things tonight. The first time I hate to say this.... I was lets just say in the lady's room.... The second time I was bending and reaching for a book. I felt my back just let go.... like chewing gum when you pull it out of your mouth and stretch it out till it breaks. That's the best way to describe it!
How did I do this? Would you believe just bending again, yup that's right. Because this is my third time so the injury is much worse. It will take a lot longer and this has caused me to think lots.
I need to lose some serious weight and take care of me better.
So my first goal is 20 pounds, my true goal is 100 pounds! But I have to tiny steps!
I think my Asthma would improve also.

I have decided to extend the sale at Frankly It's Kute Productions till the end of August!! So come on in and check it out.
I will have a yummy cookie recipe for all you soon!
Yesterday was my Polar Bear's Birthday and he turned a big 10 years old...
My 14 year old son is going to have his pilot's license before he drives! HOORAY! for him!
My daughter is working hard at her job! HIP... HIP... HOORAY!!
Well I better hobble over to the heating pad!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

My 4th of July in Oregon and Washington

Biplane starts the parade

Warrenton, Oregon parade


Now we travel to Washington to the Long Beach Peninsula for fireworks and a beach fire...
Over the Megler Bridge to Long Beach Washington..

Ships on the Columbia river...

Over the Bridge to Long Beach

On the beach with lots of other folks...
What a wonderful day! a parade, then joining lots of friends and folks to Long beach, getting to drive onto the beach to watch the fire works and have a fire, hamburgers, roasted marshmallows. The fireworks were a site to see and yummy what a wonderful meal.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

Happy 4th of July to all of us....
I was reflecting about the 4th of July. I know that through out our history freedom has come at a great price. Even those 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. What they must have given for our freedom, and liberties that we have today. I know some were tortured until they died, homes were burned, families lost, some died in poverty Some lost sons fighting in the war, some sons became prisoners. Some actually fought in the war and died to wounds. What's even more amazing they still signed knowing what a cost it would be....

I am so thankful for them and all that they gave for so that I might have freedom, liberties. Thankful, because they were men that stood tall in a belief.

Thank you, all those who fight for freedom, to be free, to have liberties, so that I have freedom, and my family can have freedom, God bless you and your families.
I know freedom can come at a great price and I strive to teach my children to remember all that was given, and that freedom should not be taken for granted.

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Roof and A Finished Crochet Rag Rug.

Well it was exciting today hubby got the roof on the house fixed... Hooray! We had a huge storm during the winter months and there was some damage to the roof. But no more it took my wonderful hubby the entire day but it's finished and ready to go. Phew! what a hard accomplishment, we have a rather tall house so it was a lot for one person to do.

I finished a rag rug from wool yarn and the crochet rag rug came out very colorful. The hook I used was my 10 1/2 and I just did that simple stitch.
The rug measures 28x28. The color of the yarn was called Licorice.
Remember there is a great sale going on in my store and a contest.
So be sure to come and a peek.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

50% off Sale in my store for July

Hey everyone, just wanted you all to know I have decided to have a huge sale on everything in my store.
Most everything is 50% off or a little more, and a few things are under 50%. But it's still a very huge sale!
The sale ends July 25th, and one week before the end of the sale I may just add another 10% off.
The reasons:
Well some items have been sitting for a while and I want to get busy with a whole bunch of new creations!
So out with the old so all the new can come in.
It's the holidays, and what better than to have a huge sale for the 4th of July.
Because I wanted to have some fun and create some excitement in the store.
I hope you all will get as excited about this huge sale as I am and come into my store and take a look at everything! Remember too there is a give away going on, be sure to throw your name win and win.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Easy Breakfast meal that's quick

This is easy and YUM! and fun to make.
What you will need eggs, spam, shredded cheese of your choice, English muffins, plain or with raisins. I love the one's with raisins, very yummy. Toast the English muffins as usual, when they pop up sprinkle your shredded cheese on so that will melt. Slice and cook up the spam and eggs, make sure to break the yoke just slightly. Now add the cooked spam and top with the egg. This would be great too with a slice of cantaloupe or apples quick and easy.
Remember to spray your pan with a nonstick spray and it helps make it low fat, using no salt or low fat spam also is a great idea for everyone.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Frost Bite the Cat

Frost Bite is one of my many favorite creations. I just created this cat from my imagination, no patterns were used.
The fabric is a blue chenille and dark blue cotton fabrics were used. Frost Bite is filled with fiber fill and there are small black beads for eyes. The beads have been sewn into the head.
I just love the blue bow.
I just sat down and drew some shapes out onto the fabric and came up with a cute cat.
What was the the funniest thing about creating Frost Bite is I can make this cat anyway way and mistakes are what make her even more interesting.

Remember to sign up for the contest
in my store for the throw your name in
the hat contest! You just might win
the sweet fabric bowl.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Three Favorite Men

This morning, I was pondering my thoughts with Father's Day only a day away. I then thought I need to share the most three favorite men in my life. These men are hero's but not in the normal sense one thinks of a hero.
They are hero's in the sense that they have come through many trials, bumps bruises and endured.
First there is my amazing husband, who works endless hours in a dangerous job. To make sure that I , and our children have a wonderful home and all we need. We together have come through so much and he manges to have a positive outlook, stating to me " it can always be much worse". I am so thankful for him, he pulled me through a difficult time when we lost our home to fire and lost everything in 1999. He never lost hope, keeping me and our children strong and encouraged about the the future. Even when there were obstacles thrown in the way of rebuilding again.
He is truly brave in the job is does, it is a dangerous one. He is a Mule Train Log Truck Driver. Everyday is a risk in his work. He rises in the wee hours of the morning to travel treacherous roads to obtain logs. Just the other day I said a silent pray as he shared his tale of having to be pulled up a steep mountain side by a large cat. Because it was so steep and muddy. About three years ago one of my worse fears cam true. It was a message asking me to come to the hospital, my husband had been in a head on accident. I was in a panic the entire time wondering what I would find at the hospital. But when I got there I breathed a sigh of relief. He had only minor injuries. I know it was tough on him to be the one to survive, to be left behind. He tried so hard never to let us see, but I did. He has kept us strong will the love he has for us and I see it everyday in his eyes.
My dad is truly outstanding, his heart is light and a delight. He will offer help to anyone who needs it with a sense of humor. Growing up and to this day I cannot think of any person who did not like my dad. He has to be the most liked man, he can befriend just about anyone. I strive to be like him, to not let little things bother me, to laugh and make the most of things. My dad even jokes and as a sense of humor about the time of his horrible accident. In fact you would not believe the things he has lived through, a car falling on his head, falling off a roof . It's truly amazing that he lived through a car Saab falling on his head. It was one of those times you often hear about people having a amazing feats of strength Well he was one of them. He had the Saab on jacks and as he was under the car one of the jacks fell. Some how he was able to lift the entire car off and pull himself out, get up and walk outside of the garage and fall to the ground in the front yard. Today this day he makes jokes about it, as it were a light hearted conversation. He joke is we have to refer to things as BS ( Before Saab) AS (After Saab) when we talk about things of long ago as some of his memory is lost, and yet he can joke about it.
He is most of all a wonderful grandfather, he is the apple of my sons eye, a hero to my son. He is also a great grandfather an idle to his great grand daughter. He is my hero in every sense. I hope that I can have the faith and humor he has.
Now on to my Uncle, to him...
There is not a day I do not miss you, yes you are gone but I know you stand beside me ,I feel you. What courage you had facing that awful disease Parkinson's . Not once did you lose faith, courage, or not have encouragement. You stayed positive even until the end. You are also my hero because you served this wonderful country for 25 years. I cannot image all you saw, or how often you had to be brave during war time or the many times you were called away for duty. I miss often, your talks of hope and never giving up.
I hope you all remember the men in your lives on Sunday and honor them in your hearts, for a hero can have small, simple deeds, they can be dads, husbands and Uncles, they can teach us so much. Mine have taught me simple things, faith, hope, love, courage, humility, kindness, humor in the toughest of times. Thus my three men are my favorite hero's.
Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Large Country Cream Crochet Dollies

I had to share these two wonderful crochet dollies created with a really nice yarn called Country Cream. I just used a very simple stitch and made two large dollies measuring 20x19 19x17. They will be a nice addition anywhere. I used a 10 1/2 hook to make the and the yarn is cotton and 4 ply.

Happy 8th grade graduation to my son and the Astoria 8th grade.
Thank you too... Astoria middle school, for all that wonderful food!

Monday starts a new contest in my store Frankly It's kute Productions.

Just come in and sign up Monday and see what will be the give away.

I just finished this cute little dog a few days ago. She stands 10 inches and is made with some dark blue fake fur and filled with fiber fill.
The nose is done with pink cotton floss and she has small bead eyes that have been sewn into the head using quilting thread.
The final touches are the cotton fabric bows, one sewn to the ear and the other tied around the neck. I just tore some lighter blue cotton fabric for the bows.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Grumpiest Old Gal Opinions

As I am sitting here watching watching one of my favorite movies The Women staring Norma Shearer. I have time to reflect on my moods this week and express them in my blog. So this week its the grumpiest old gal opinions.
My first opinion is stay away from Citi Mortgage or Citi Bank! So sorry this grumpy gal has had tough time dealing with them. If you have ever had problems with Citi Mortgage you will relate. I can not understand how a bank can neglect a homeowners contract but they did it to us. I have look these guys up on the web and you would not believe the complaints to consumer affairs. Now I am one of the hundreds in those complaints. My opinion is stay away from them if you can.

Grumpy opinion number two....
Good heavens when will summer come to the Oregon coast? It's more like Jan here BR RR! Even though the hot flashes this week have been on the rampage! So much for my diet this week.
Grumpy opinion three...
I have not been doing much sewing this week, due to Citi Mortgage, yup I have ran my self to death almost trying to get a lawyer, faxing, mailing, phoning, writing.
Grumpy opinion four...
My son will not be playing football next year. Part it I feel it is the fact of the favoritism that goes on. I know he feels he will not get the desired position and so he no longer wants to play. It was tough staying out of it and letting him make that choice, but that's what moms have to do I think, let them make their choices and sometimes stand back and just support. I hate to say it too... the game is more for the well know students, and most popular at times. Why can't all the kids have a chance! Why was it that because my son missed one practice he was out his positions, he had a sprained hand at one time. The more popular boys did not lose out.
Grumpy opinion four...
I dislike going through menopause especially today, my mood has been gray, grumpy and this seems to happen once a month sometimes. Do I scare everyone to death in when the grumpy old gal comes out, its as if everyone in the house hides and looks at me like I am a total stranger. Even the dogs seem to know, by hiding under blankets, and beds from me. Polar bear my largest dog, even started howling at me and sat his head in my lap. Did I ever start crying right along with him. It had to be a sight to see this dog and grown woman both crying! I will have to post a picture of him....
I guess my mood swing is so bad my husband, son, and daughter are all going camping this coming weekend in hopes the grumpiest old gal will leave and their mom and wife returns again. Me too I hope the Grumpy old gal is gone by this weekend.
Right now Polar bear looks about how I feel....
But there is tomorrow...
Maybe then the grumpy old gal will be gone...
Fingers are crossed...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's Up Lately...

Hi everybody, it's been a bit since I talked about what's up lately. Yesterday was my Anniversary! I and my wonderful hubby have been married for 18 years. We dinned out and had prime rib and ice cream. I and my hubby met 18 years ago in a pet store. I was working there and he was buying feeder fish.
Today we have 2 wonderful kids both teens now, in fact next year my daughter will graduate. Our son will be a Freshman. I know more adventures lay ahead for us and I look forward to them.

Just had to share a picture of my baby girl, this is Oreo and she is 3 years old.

An Older Idea...
I found a bunch of these prefabricated wooden door hangers and stained them to look primitive. I used a dark walnut stain and just dropped some stain onto the hanger and moved the hanger around covering the hanger. Then I used a cloth towel, a old one to wipe away some of the stain. The stain stayed in certain places and wiped off well in others. Next I found some cute fall time cotton fabric and I stained it to make it look used a bit. The fabric has a actual recipe for old time bread pudding on it.
I then added little ornaments, a frog, lady bug button, fall time leaves. I also stained the little bear and made him darker than the door hanger. He has button eyes and a cute bow.
It was one of my fun projects and it turned out cute for fall time. You can find it in my store Franky It's Kute Productions.
The newest and Latest...
This is Toon a 10 inch stuffed animal dog. I made him from some dark blue fake fur and and filled her with fiber fill. She does have eyes, black beads that are sewn into the head of the dog. Next I tore some light blue cotton fabric and made some bows for this little dog. The nose is done in a pink cotton floss. I only used a few stitches to give it more of a hand crafted look.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Bugged Out Handbag

This is one of my favorite little hand bags that I created awhile back. It's called the Bugged Out hand bag. As you can see it was named for a good reason. I used some wild green upholstery fabric for the bag and the handle.
The bugs are from some cute cotton fabrics and there is a actual plastic toy beetle sewn onto the bag. There is also some sweet buttons sewn onto the bag, a daisy, lady bug. There is black and sliver beading sewn into the bottom of the bag. I just had some scrapes of red fur fabric for the top. The bugs are appliqued onto the bag. Finally the handle has gold cording wrapped around it along with different colored beads.
This is truly one of kind hand bag it was simple to create and fun, you will/can find it in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions under Hodge Podge.
It's a very unusual hand bag and quite colorful.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Cute 20 inch Tina Belle a blessing cloth doll

This sweet doll was so wonderful to do up. I have a vintage pattern from 1989 it's a Butterick . The cloth doll is called the Blessing Doll. I have made her up with craft velour and filled her with fiber fill. The face details are my own design, I did not use the pattern. I did her facial features by hand and using cotton floss. The dress is so cute a cotton fabric with Winnie the Pooh on it, and the shoes are black felt. The hair is a wine cotton yarn and I have sewn it into the head of the doll using a quilting thread. Tina Belle is so special, you can pose her to sit, or in a position as if she is asking for a blessing. I did a small bit of soft sculpting on the hands. You can find her in my store and she is $47.00

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lots to Share This Week

Lots and lots to share this morning....
Yesterday was Mother's Day and I had a very nice one I hope everyone else did too. Being that I am a mom of 2 wonderful teens I wanted to share how proud I am of my 14 year old son. A few weeks back he was in a parade! Hooray! He loves band and plays the flute and stuck with the flute, after lots of teasing from male friends. Now he is going to do the horn and he can play the Saxophone. I am proud that he loves band tries
so hard. The band teacher is amazing! and a very talented man. It's sad that I have a decline in the arts, we really need to support, music, art, band, our kids are amazing and so are the teachers. They won first place in their category.

I just finished another 14 inch Raggedy doll using that 1970's McCall's pattern again. I used the drill fabric and I embroidered her face by hand. I used the scrapes of Americana fabric to make the legs
and the apron. She is filled with fiber fill and the hair is that rich yarn that has been sewn in using quilting thread. This little Rag cloth doll will also sell for $28.00 and I will be adding her to the store shortly.

I have also been working on some more crochet items I just finished a little bag to store your T.V. remote and DVD remote in. I just used a simple crochet stitch and sewed the sides up and added a cute latch and button.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Recipe

Happy Mother's Day to all us moms!
I thought I would give this simple recipe for a treat ....
What you will need
2 cans of pears well drained and smashed
1 1/2 cup of brown sugar
White cake mix one box
1 stick of margin or butter melted
one can of sweet milk
Use a 9x11 well greased pan add the pears and spread evenly out, sprinkle the brown sugar over the pears.
In a mixing bowl add the white cake mix and the melted butter or margin. Mix until crumbly. Add over the pears and brown sugar.
Now pour the entire can of sweet mix over the entire mixture. Making its evenly poured over the entire mixture.
Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown. Its a very sweet treat to make for mom on Mother's Day.
Happy Mother's Day to all
I almost forgot!
Be sure to also head to my store and throw your name into the hat to win..
Get the details there and win... win!
The Mother's Day giveaway!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Rock Cottages

I have just finished painting another wild looking Rock Cottage, this one is full of details. This is the front of the cottage, yup its another kitty watching those moths and a spider in the window. But I have added more to this cottage...

This is the sided view of the cottage with a fence and a wonderful garden growing and of course every garden has spiders. To help the garden flourish.

Look here.... a kitty peeping out wonder what else have I done with this rock?

I have added a dog and a frog! on the other side and there is a bird hoping to fit into the bird house. Well this Rock Cottage is a busy place with lots of adventures going on in it and outside of it. The cost of this larger cottage will be $38.00. I will be adding this one a a couple other new Rock Cottages to my store Frankly It's Kute Productions so jump over to my store and peek at the newest cottages being added.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recycling Rocks into Something Darn Sweet, Rock Cottages.

These Rock Cottages were taught to me by my wonderful Aunt. What a wonderful way to give an ugly old rock a sweet look. First off I go searching for fairly small rocks that have a wild shape to them. It also helps to have a great husband who is a Mule Train truck driver who helps me find these strange shaped rocks.

I used acrylic paints to paint on all sides of the rock and I wanted to create a scene. So on the side of this rock there is a little black cat watching moths or fireflies and a small spider in the window. Did you see the wild looking roof?
This is the back of the rock and there is a bird house, a bucket and a ivy growing all over this Rock Cottage. Do you see the spider in the window again, if you are gonna have a garden I guess you should expect a few spiders. I will also seal these cottages so that they can sit in a yard or be used as a door stop, or just to sit on a shelf. This one is in my store Frankly Its Kute Productions just click on it listed in favorite stores. This one is larger so I have to consider shipping and handling so the cost is $30.00
This second one is a smaller one and what a wild shape, it looked just like a small cottage and I love the colors I used for it...
This is the front view of the cottage, and look down in the corner there is a cute frog with a big smile on his face. I love how the acrylics took on the look for this tiny cottage. Look there is another spider in the window and take a peek of the address above the cottage.

This is the back of the cottage can you find the snail? This one is smaller and so the cost would be $26.00. Right now I have not added this one but you can send me an email at
Right now I am having some updates made to my store Frankly It's Kute Productions that are being installed by create a shoppe and as soon as they are done I will add these wonderful Rock Cottages! But what a way to recycle rocks!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just a Pretty 16 inch Teddy Bear

This 16 inch bear is called Sliver Blue and for good reason. I found this lovely velvety fabric. It was dark blue with a sliver pattern on it. I decided it should be a teddy bear. So I found one of my favorite teddy bear patterns and created this bear. I filled him with fiber fill and used some pretty sliver netting for a large bow around his neck.
I chose not to give this teddy bear any eyes because the fabric was so wonderful that I did not want to take away from the fabric. I am hoping to do a much larger bear and once again leave out the eyes. You can find Sliver Blue in my store, Frankly It's Kute Productions so stop in and see what I have been sewing and crocheting.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What's Been Created Lately on My Sewing Machine

This sweet little Americana cloth doll was all my original design, I designed the pattern to create her. This is Mazzel. The other day while watching the 3 stooges I took a pencil and some paper and drew out this doll.
The next step was to create a pattern, I cut out the pattern and pinned it to some muslin. I then cut out the doll!
I used small black beads for eyes and painted the lashes in black, the hair is a rich dark red yarn and I used quilting thread to sew her hair to the head and the nose is done with embroidery floss. She is filled with fiber fill.
The out fit is very simple....
I just cut out a 20 inch piece of fabric on the fold and gathered it, the bloomers are just 2 cut out squares that have been sewn and gathered. The hat is a round piece of fabric that I gathered with a zigzag stitch. You can find her in my store under new items now at my store You can get the finished doll or a pattern and instructions to do this very cute Americana rag cloth doll. This is just one of the many things I have been working on and creating.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Two of My Favorites....

Hi everyone! I wanted to share 2 of my older creations that were favorites of mine a fabric bowl and another paper doll. Both were so much fun to create! Its amazing what you can do with a sheet and some card stock! So here they are...
This was one of my favorite fabric bowls I did up. I went and bought a king size second hand sheet, washed it. It was now ready to first make a fabric bowl first, by tearing strips and wrapping them around cotton clothes lines and sewing together with a zigzag stitch. There was enough sheet left over to crochet a small doily for it using the sheet and 3/4 crochet hook. The sheet was an interesting color and it really came out quite interesting.

This paper doll was so much to create! I used some card stock for the doll and sealed it and added Velcro so that the dresses would attach easily. Her clothing is also some great card stock and I have added some embellishments on the dresses. Then I created cute carry and store the paper doll house. The paints that I used for everything was acrylics. She just came very sweet and I felt there was much imagination to be had with this paper doll. You can find both these items in my store
The CONTEST is still on! This contest requires a thinking cap, but the pattern you can win is a very simple but vintage cloth doll pattern. So give it a try and see if you can solve the riddle.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Country Quilt Pillows, an Delight in Warmth

I just love how this set of 16 inch pillows came out! I used lots of different fabrics for these pillows, there are cotton fabrics, recycled fabrics from a sheet and a shirt and some unusual fabric for backing.
I did block quilting for the front of the pillows, the blocks were hearts, squares, triangles all were pieced together and sewn.
I love the feel of them a down home country feel!
Both pillows are filled with fiber fill and can be re-filled by using a small seam ripper at the top edge, where its sewn by hand.
You can find the set in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions. The set is $5o.00
I will be doing up another set similar to this one with hearts again. I hope you will go to my store and see what else I have been too and enter The CONTEST! its a simple but fun thinking one and in this contest you might just win a free cloth doll pattern!

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Item Primitive Farm Animal Ornies

Did I ever have a ton of fun creating these little guys! The Rooster is a round bit of attitude, the sheep just needs love, the pig well he is just a big mess. A few days ago I decided to make some ornies so I gathered scrapes of fabric and felt. I began designing a pattern of a half circle and sewing it together. Then I took instant coffee and stained each animal. They each came out with their own look. I filled them with fiber fill and shaped the bodies just a touch. Then I painted eyes on using acrylic paints. These guys needed some extra so what... I thought, a basket would be the final touch. I took some old quilted Christmas fabric and stained it with the coffee. Next I sewed up the open side, gathered the bottom and added a handle. The set was now complete.
It was fun just messing around with a half circle pattern, it created some really sweet farm animal ornies. You can find them in my store under new items right now.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spot Light On One Of My Favorite Folk Art Quilts, "What Dogs Love"

This wonderful wall hanging quilt is one of my most favorite quilts! I am such a dog lover and I have 3 dogs! So thought do a quilt about things dogs love.
I used all kinds of fabrics when I did this quilt, I wanted color to tell the tale. In the first picture the doggy is howling at the moon or is he howling about finding a kitty to chase? The second scene is going for that walk. Sometimes I wonder who really walks who, as this scene shows. What does every dog dream about the big bone for a treat and napping as much as possible.
Would you believe I won 3rd in the fair with this wall hanging quilt. The quilt is back with some plaid flannel.
The quilt was made by wacking out the pieces and I used all kinds of stitching in the quilt, along with some buttons. I love this form of quilting because I can sit down draw out idea and begin cutting fabric to tell a cute story. The fabrics I image them as my paints and I know there is no limit to quilting this way.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's Spot Light is on Dilly Dandy a foam paper doll.

Today's spotlight is on a foam paper doll I just finished and is in my store Frankly It's kute Productions.
Dilly Dandy is 11 inches and made from foam, I have added googly eyes, hair is golden cotton embroidery floss and I have done a little painting the rest of the facial features.
I also have made 3 little dresses to go with her from some very nice card stock. In the dress she is wearing there is a little kitten hiding.
I loved paper dolls when I was a little girl and I collecting some of the old time paper dolls. But I also thought it be fun to make my own!
There are other paper dolls in my store and I am always working on new or improving my ideas.
You can also purchase the pattern and instructions to make the paper doll and her clothes or purchase the paper doll and instructions. I think every little girl should have a chance to enjoy a paper doll, what a way to make your imagination come alive. It's also a forgotten art I think.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Spot Light is Harvest Time Frankie Bear

The spot light is on this cute little bear that I created a while back. This is Harvest Time Frankie bear and he is $25.00 or you can can get the pattern and instructions for $7.00
Frankie was created with some cotton flannel and I designed a sun flower and ironed it to his tummy. He is filled with fiber fill and has black button eyes. What I did a little different was to allow there to be a ragged edge all around him by fraying the the flannel a little. His nose is also a small black button and I torn some fall time cotton fabric for a bow. I think is he a a wonderful, colorful 14 inch bear. You can find Frankie Bear in my store

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break Ending

Well this Sunday offically ends Spring Break in Oregon and what a crazy week it has been. Snow on the beach and a foot of snow almost in the hills around me. Guess father winter just was not ready to give up yet. Well the Contest in my store will be ending and there is a few more days left to get that crazy guess in. So head to on contests and send me your wildest guess, just have a little fun after all there is no correct answer! I am just looking for that fun wild guess...

As we were driving around its still amazes me the wind storm we had here a while back! We had winds 120 miles and hour for 2 days straight. While driving the devastion reminds me of someone having a bad fit! As if someone walked through waving their arms around and breaking some trees off at the tops as if they were only match box matches and if that were not enough as if they kick over trees by the roots. It's really something to see how mother nature can be....

This was some of those trees that were kicked over by the wind storm and some of the tops were broken right off.

The next picture is where lots and lots of woods were but now its entirely gone...

I think this is one of the worst wind storms I have seen since moving here to the Oregon coast in 1984.

Now onto Spring Break and SNOW.....

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