Friday, September 19, 2008

Vacuums don't Work Like the Good Old Days

This week is one of the worse weeks for my electronic items. Seems everything decided to break down at once. I have now have no digital camera, no vacuum, no dyer and my son's PSP broke down in the first week.
I am somewhat bummed out out about the camera, I will not be able to take pictures of the new wall hanging quilt that I finished nor can I take pictures of the coffee cake so that you all can see the out come of the recipe. We have had to use the old clothes line for drying clothes but that's ending with rain on its way.
Vacuums don't work like the good old days, seems I go through vacuums like gum sometimes. I always buy the inexpensive ones so maybe that's the problem. I think the dyer is about 20 years old so it was due to go.
What really is disturbing, is the PSP my son bought and used for a week and the motor burned out. Now we can't replace because he choose not to purchase the warranty. Well he actually did not have enough money for the warranty. The point is to this is things just aren't made like the good old days.

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