Thursday, May 31, 2012

Steps I use in Creating a Picture On a Wooden Unfinished Jewelry box in Oil Pastels and Acrylics

You can also do this Project, using a wooden unfinished jewelry box, on fabric, on chalkboard, or what ever else you may like. In this case I am using a an unfinished wooden jewelry box I found in a craft store.
In this instant I used my own ideas to create the look I want, but you can use a pattern you like or draw up your own design. I am using a fine pen acrylic paint to draw out my design; which is some way out sun flowers.
This next photo is my other design a crow in some sunflowers, again I just free hand drew this onto the wood but you can easy get a pattern that you like and transfer it onto the wood by coloring over the pattern and rubbing it on or tracing over the pattern to transfer. In the picture I am combining a bit of oils and acrylics. I have brushed on the black of the crow with acrylics and some of the orange is acrylics and the yellow are oil pastels that I am blending with a q-tip.
In the photo with the large flower I am adding my oils over the top of the flower which was painted with an orange acrylic paint and the green was also acrylics then I began rubbing the oil pastels in using various colors and sometimes with the q-tip or my fingers and just wiping with a small cloth.
Okay as you can see I am almost done I have my project completed in the oils and acrylics but I want to make this look old and grubby so I am going to add a stain that is walnut in color and oil based. I love how the crow and flowers have come out just the way I wanted, my crow is a bit human looking don't you think?
In this last picture you can see I have rubbed my oil based stain on with a cotton cloth and wiped away the access, now you can stain it too but I suggest using an oil based stain for better results or just leave the stain and and seal with a good sealer. I will mention what all you will need for this project: pencil, transfer paper, pattern of your choice, oil pastels, acrylic paints, q-tips, small pieces of soft cotton cloth, heavy sealer, walnut oil based stain. This can be lots of fun to do, I also want to mention if you are going to stain let the oils and acrylics dry for 2 days at least before staining. This allows the paints to dry good and the pastels to set a bit. I love how mine came out, but then I love the grubby look and bright colors.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Remembering those who have fallen and honoring them, to honor, families who have loved ones in the service, honoring my husband who is a army vet, all my uncles who served in the Navy, my sister-in-law who was in the army, her husband who was in the Air Force, my husband's father, my grandfather, cousins, half cousins, and so many more!!  I have borrowed these wonderful photos and art work I just thought they made the point in a beautiful way.