Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally Back and Doing Somewhat Better.

Wow it great to be able to sit and write in not much pain. I somehow hurt my back, and we still are not sure exactly what happened but it caused me to be unable to walk, sit, stand or lay down for more than 3 weeks now. What happened next was amazing, I went to the doctor and got medication. The medication caused some major bleeding in my bladder, which is the side affect of this medication. It was scary for awhile, the bleeding has stopped and I am now able to sit in comfort somewhat. What I am most thankful for is the ability to walk again, and stand. It was not fun laying only on my right side for 3 weeks with a large pillow between my legs.
Now I have to be so very careful, as my back, snaps, crackles, and pops, and at times I can tell when I have done to much and then must sit for an hour or two with an heating pad. I am sorry about not being able to be online...
That has been tough, because my blog and store have been neglected the most. I really missed my sewing and crafting! I want to get busy again, I hope to this coming week. Fall is almost here and I have not none anything!
I have been doing light exercise on a gazette so to make my back stronger and start to lose weight, I have lost 5 pounds, one would think it should be lots more. I have not felt like eating and usually its been a cup of soup or something really light.
Today I was working in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions, putting up some new graphics, and continuing the sale. I also created a sale bin for some items, and I will be working more on it this week. I think I am gonna hold off on contests for awhile, until I improve lots more. I almost forgot tomorrow is my birthday! Not too sure I am so excited, but I guess I need to look at it as being another year wiser.... yeah that's the way I will put it.
Coming up I will have a great soup recipe for everyone and soon I will show something new I hope to create.

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