Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Butt Naked Doll

This is one of my most favorite creations, The Butt Naked doll you can find her at

You can find the already made doll or purchase the pattern to created this doll yourself. I made her from flesh colored craft velour and added powdered blush for her checks. The dress is a plaid flannel. I love bright colors, bright colors say a whole lot, that's what I think. Her hair is an orange red and the eyes are green felt with white acrylic paint added. Her butt is a bit of soft sculpting ......

A sweet idea to add to those Batty Halloween treats

I did this one year for my kids and there Halloween parties at school, you can also use it for all those tricks and treats this Halloween.
What you will need: Either
black card stock or black craft foam, glitter glue(blue), wiggle eyes, a small amount of red acrylic paint, a hole punch and some ribbon.

1: First draw out your bat, have fun designing a cute little bat. Cut out the bat and use the cut out to trace onto to craft foam. I personally like craft foam its more easy to work with.
2: Now with a hot glue gun, glue the wiggle eyes onto the black craft foam. If you are working with small children to do this project then use the tacky glue.
3: Now take some glitter glue and a sponge paint brush and apply the glitter glue all around the edges. Carefully brush the glitter glue towards the center. Add a dot of red acrylic paint to make nose
4: Once everything is dry then take the hole punch and punch 2 holes into the black craft foam. Finally glue a bow with ribbon under the chin of the bat and now add a small lollipop through the punched holes. Now you have a GREAT TREAT IDEA!