Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working for Tuesday, Ginger Bread Rag Cloth Dolls

Today I have been busy creating some Ginger Bread rag cloth dolls, there will be 3 of them I am planing on making up. I have finished one so far; this one is made from brown broad cloth and I have painted all the features using acrylic paints, accept for the cheeks which are an oil pastel.
I have added the hair using a red wool yarn and I have sewn it in using a heavy quilting thread. The doll is filled with fiber fill and the dress is a rayon/cotton blend with a rick wrack design on it.
The doll I did not use any pattern for I just sat down with the fabric and drew the doll onto the fabric and cut it all out. so the doll is quite original and I will be having fun cutting out the other 2 dolls because I just never know how they will come out when just cutting the fabric. I will be adding these dolls a little later on to the Etsy store.