Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I have been Working on this Week Paper Mache' Boxes

Howdy to all! I am hoping everyone has a great weekend for March 24, 2012. Well I have been busy creating some really cute decoupage boxes and this is how they turned out. I went to Jo-Ann's the other day and found some sweet 3 inch round boxes, some colorful scrapbook paper and cute card stock items! I also did a video on how I did these boxes on YouTube and this is the link to the how to do these boxes The Spring boxes are now in my Etsy store here I used Mod Podge and water to do the decoupage and a sponge paint brush. The box that has the interesting wooden look to it is stained for a primitive look and I used instant coffee, cinnamon and vanilla, then blew dried the box. The card stock pieces are hot glued on and I have used some twine/cording for tying around the boxes with bows on top. I just loved this card stock it added to the boxes and made them even neater.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy Weather On the Oregon Coast for March

Oh my have we been having some wild weather! yesterday was rain, snow, hail, rain mixed with snow just snow, then some sun! I took some pictures of last Friday's weather and thought I would share....
This is just out side the house ready to travel, the second picture is Astoria and one of the many hills in town this is the big reason why Astoria closes down when snow rolls in. It's kinda of hard to see how steep this hill is, it's one of the worse hills in town.
In this third photo you can see another tough hill and I actually caught a car sliding its the one that is turned side ways.
Snowing down the road as we head to Longview WA with the load of logs. Now finally down the big hill into Longview WA. The storm started out with wind and rain and got worse! There was swelling in Seaside that were 40 Ft. and wind gusts up to 80 miles an hour then it all turned into snow and we got about 2 inches.