Friday, September 25, 2015

There I was just a painting away the past few weeks

Hello to all! my blog is kind of working now, so I am sharing a couple of things I have gotten done in the past few weeks. I have gone back to my roots and have begun painting on canvas again and drawing on water color paper. I am still working on my dolls and will have to post my new bunch of dolls sometime next week. On the canvas I am using my oil based acrylics with a bit of water and paint brushes, the picture is all my very own of a little girl scarecrow and the horses running in the river are my own ides The little painted plate celebrates fall time, and I am busy working on Halloween items! I am having lots of fun doing it! I can't wait to show you all what I have painted!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

what' ya Working on for Tuesday, August 3 2015

Today I thought I would share what I am working on, which is some embroidery work.  I loved doing embroidery when I was a young girl mostly the stamped work.  So a few days back I was in JoAnn's and found some really cute stamped embroidery, cotton dish towels, floss, and a hoop.  I plan on staining the towels after I finish the work and putting them in my Etsy store.  Oh I forgot to tell you all I now have 3 Etsy stores, the third one will be showcasing all my artwork that can be downloaded to use for quilting, paper crafts, pillows etc.
Yes I am behind the camera holding the hoop with the work that has been done so far.  I will talk more in my next post about my new store and share some of the art work I have created for it.

Monday, August 3, 2015

A Kick in the Bottom

There are no excuses just that life can throw all kinds of things in your pathway!  I have been working on getting our house to up for sale, so some of the crafting has been on the back burns, we need to paint the outside of the house, inside, replace some flooring!  A bit of work!
So thought I would share a little bit of everything.......

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What I have been Working on Wendsday 2015

Good morning, yes I have been away for some time now, there is so much going on around me, new grandbaby who is actually not so new she is now five months a temple wedding coming up in March and working on the house getting it ready to sell.  I also I have another new store in way; its at café press and that is where I am adding all my digital art work. 
These are some of the drawings I have been working on, I have created the art work in Sharpie pen and added some digital effects to make them look vintage, grubby or just very old looking.   Here is a link to where you can see more of my designs for café press
I have also done a bit of house cleaning in my Etsy stores, most was donated for Christmas and the rest was donated to Goodwill.