Monday, July 21, 2008

Seriously Hurt Me!

Hey everyone!
You all are probably wondering where I have been? I will talk about it! I have blown out 2 discs in my back! OUCH! is only the half of it.... dumb me this is the third time I have done this. I have been quite laid up to say the least. I am still hurting quite a bit but I am able to do a few things tonight. The first time I hate to say this.... I was lets just say in the lady's room.... The second time I was bending and reaching for a book. I felt my back just let go.... like chewing gum when you pull it out of your mouth and stretch it out till it breaks. That's the best way to describe it!
How did I do this? Would you believe just bending again, yup that's right. Because this is my third time so the injury is much worse. It will take a lot longer and this has caused me to think lots.
I need to lose some serious weight and take care of me better.
So my first goal is 20 pounds, my true goal is 100 pounds! But I have to tiny steps!
I think my Asthma would improve also.

I have decided to extend the sale at Frankly It's Kute Productions till the end of August!! So come on in and check it out.
I will have a yummy cookie recipe for all you soon!
Yesterday was my Polar Bear's Birthday and he turned a big 10 years old...
My 14 year old son is going to have his pilot's license before he drives! HOORAY! for him!
My daughter is working hard at her job! HIP... HIP... HOORAY!!
Well I better hobble over to the heating pad!

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