Friday, September 12, 2008

Goofy Ghosting Around

Here is a sweet old ghost attempting to take his pet pumpkin and cat for a ghoulish night out. But it looks as though the kitty might have some different ideas! That impish grin can mean only one thing...
I had so much fun using a pattern from McCall's, I used a few of my own ideas though when it came to creating the characters. To make the ghost, I used some white Rayon fabric and painted the face using acrylic paints. The pumpkin is made with Halloween
fabrics and I did a little soft sculpting for the eyes.
The Kitty is a heavy black cotton fabric and he has button eyes, a impish grin, made from white cotton fabric and sewn by machine.
Everyone is filled with fiber fill and some cat litter for weighting everyone down. These goofy guys are great for decorating or using as a doorstop for the Harvest holidays coming up.

Same pattern but a whole different look! This time I used quilting batting and stained it with coffee. I also gave this goofy ghost two pumpkins that are out of control!
Everybody is filled with fiber fill and some cat littler for weight. On this ghost I did the face with my sewing machine. These guys were so much fun to create and the ideas to make them are endless. Both of these goofy ghosts and their pals can be found only in my store Frankly It's Kute Productions.

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