Friday, April 11, 2008

New Item Primitive Farm Animal Ornies

Did I ever have a ton of fun creating these little guys! The Rooster is a round bit of attitude, the sheep just needs love, the pig well he is just a big mess. A few days ago I decided to make some ornies so I gathered scrapes of fabric and felt. I began designing a pattern of a half circle and sewing it together. Then I took instant coffee and stained each animal. They each came out with their own look. I filled them with fiber fill and shaped the bodies just a touch. Then I painted eyes on using acrylic paints. These guys needed some extra so what... I thought, a basket would be the final touch. I took some old quilted Christmas fabric and stained it with the coffee. Next I sewed up the open side, gathered the bottom and added a handle. The set was now complete.
It was fun just messing around with a half circle pattern, it created some really sweet farm animal ornies. You can find them in my store under new items right now.

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