Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet Gytha the Enchantress a 27 inch Rag Cloth Doll

Gytha  would rather be call Enchantress rather than just a plain old witch!  I created this enchantress a while back but  a few days ago I decided she needed to come out and be noticed again.  The doll is made from robe velour and filled with fiber fill.  
I have added cat green safety eyes and put a dab of white acrylic paint on the cat eyes, the mouth is a heart shaped button and I have also painted her mouth, eye lashes, eye brows, freckles on using acrylic paints.  I have also made some the lashes from some thick wire thread that I had laying about.  The hair is a yellow/ green tint that is a wool/ cotton blend of yarn and I did hand sew the yarn into the head of the doll using quilting thread.  
The legs of the doll are a Halloween cotton fabric, the outfit is made from black fleece. 
I think this was one of my most favorite Enchantresses to make; my feeling its about time that I do another one.  The next one I think I will do in Osnaburg and stain her.  
I have been busying with a huge crafting fever!  Right now I am working on another Halloween quilt and a Frankenstein  rag cloth doll and I might come up with a Mrs Frankenstein doll.  It's about time I got cracking and start crafting some more new ideas.
Friday Sept 20th be on the look out because I plan on doing a give away I think its about time for another give away!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crafting Time Fever! Got it Bad, Meet the Witch- Gin or Witch-Penguin

 You maybe wondering what the heck is that??
Well its a Witch Penguin! yes that's right a Witch Penguin...
I took a 6 inch tall round paper mache' box and was going to make a witch for Halloween but my mistake turned out to be much better and by mistake; I mean the nose made out of oven bake clay.  I painted the box with various greens and a bit of black then added the facial features, eyes and cheeks using yellow, red and purple acrylic paints and the witch was really coming along.  Until I dabbled in the oven bake clay using green for the nose which is really more a beak than a nose and some feet.  I added some black cotton fabric for a hat and outfit on the Witch Penguin and hot glued the clothing onto the box then added a large black button which is also hot glued on.  I also added some hair using a white/blue wavy textured yarn.
When  the nose/beak finished baking I asked my hubby if it looked like a witch no.... with a sad face he stated "no it's a bird beak"! I thought dang nab it! no it's a witch nose! but as I glued the nose on; my son and husband asked again.... making a witch penguin? Looks like a green penguin dressed like a witch, my son stated.  Well that's when  I really began to take a better look....
yup! its a bird..
but what kind of bird I thought...
Then my husband piped up again and said made a Witch-gin!?
Yup that's a Witch-Penguin I said!
So here it is my first attempt at a .... well I think I have stated it enough for today and what the heck it turned out cute so I think I will stick it in the store and see how the bird does!