Friday, October 10, 2008

Pneumonia Season is here.

Hi everyone!
Sorry its been so long, but its back to school and of course time for those nasty old virus to come out. Sometimes I think I have a bull eyes painted right on my forehead for them. I have been down and out with a very serious case of Pneumonia which has lasted about 3 weeks now. But I am feeling better, I am here writing.
The camera is still down and I hope to get a new one this week, its been disappointing not being able to add anything to the main store.
Funny how much we all depend on those electronic things.
What's new....
This year my sons football team had their first lost in 6 years, but it was a little one sided. The JV team that they played had Juniors and Seniors on the team and the referees were a bit bias and that old yellow flag was half way down before the play even took place.
I am also going to school online; I had to with the price of food going up and having that 14 year old boy in the house with his friends. I never have understood where those boys can put all that food. The other reason was my husband was in another minor accident with his log truck. I feel I need a degree in case, I need to get back into the work force. So I attempting to get an associate degree in business. So I feel like very mature student with knowledge, I guess that would be a way to put it.
I have learned to roll with all those punches and say it could be worse... and laugh at all the nutty disasters that somehow find me. Maybe too gaining some wisdom from all that comes before me.
I been sewing and I will be adding new things soon.
Did you know that if you mix chopped onion and Catalina dressing together and pour it over chicken breasts and bake in the over at 350 degrees it makes a quick meal and is good.
Another quick idea is to take 3 cups of catchup and 1 1/2 winger, chopped onion, 2 cups of chopped celery, chopped zucchini mix all ingredients together and pour over chicken legs, breasts or thighs and bake at 350 degrees also. This also is quite a great quick meal idea, then add a green salad and corn bread. Its a big yum in my home.
Did you know you can make cinnamon rolls out of Bisquick? I will have that recipe for you later this week.
The Talking Tombstones will be coming up again and I hope to have a camera to share that adventure will you all again. Wonder if there might be more ghosts roaming around then?

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