Friday, April 24, 2009

A Recipe for Potato Soup/stew

I love potato soup/stew and so with a little experimenting I like using my crock pot to make this.
You can do this either way; but my family likes the potatoes with the peel on, and I know some people don't like the peel so if you don't peel your potatoes.
For my family I use about 9-12 potatoes and the large the better, I slice the potatoes at a angle and toss them in the crock pot with 4-6 cups of water, depending on how large your family is but if you end up with extra you can freeze it for another meal.
I love adding caned milk or regular milk can be used, add 2 small chopped onions, and you can add cooked up bacon, sausage, hamburger(cooked) celery, basil, peas, carrots, in this case I add onion, already cooked hamburger and basil.
You can add whatever you and your family like, I want to mention the canned milk really gives it a good favor and you should add at least 2 cans to your crock pot. Check on it from time to time just to stir and add about a tsp of flour for a more thicker sauce if you would like or just leave it as is and have a thinner soup/stew.
Now set your crock pot to low( start this early in the day) and let it cook all day long, serve with corn bread or sourdough toast,buttermilk biscuits and a green salad.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Busy Crocheting last Night

Well gosh, last night was so nice and warm but quiet that I had to find something to do. So I double some yarn I had called Country creme and make 2 small baskets from the yard.
They came out quite interesting doubling the yarn
and using a small crochet hook.
I used a double, triple and decreased a stitch here and there; the larger basket is about 9 inches tall and the smaller between 4 1/2 to 5 inches tall. I did these up as I was watching Step-Brothers and Hancock both were okay....
Guess I am just an old fan of classic movies I love Abbott and Costello in met Frankenstein and Dracula.
I like new movies also, I just did not care for the language content in Step-Brothers, I like some things left to imagination I guess. S
o you can call med an old FUD dud.

I also have the new doll I am going to make this weekend all cut out and ready to go. I did her face in cotton embroidery floss by hand already now all I have to do is start sewing everything together, she is going to be a fairly large cloth doll and she will be small kid safe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Computer Woes Again

Well it is nice to be back, on my computer which crashed on me almost 2 weeks ago. Now you all kind of know what happened or why I disappeared good grief, that's why I have not been talking about the new doll I am creating.
This crash also was not good for my online school, yikes right now I have an F in biology because I could not upload my assignment so I am working hard to change that.
It was a bad crash also; the tech had to re-register my computer and just put on new protection, no it did not have a virus, just not sure what made the darn thing crash, it will just have to remain a mystery. On to a more positive note....

We cooked out doors the last two days because of all this nice weather and so I am going to share a simple recipe for my homemade sauce.
The sauce is really simple just chop an red onion and chop a green pepper into small pieces and you will need:
1 cup of heavy dark molasses
1/2 to a cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup to 1 cup of Ketchup (depending on how much you need.)
Tabasco sauce about 1/2 a tsp.
1/2 of 57 sauce
Mix everything in a small bowl until well combined; you should have a nice thick sauce to spread over chicken, ribs, steaks, and now grill away.
This is a bit spicy so if you don't like lots of spice leave out the Tabasco sauce. Use a brush to brush onto your meats and when its done it will have a dark rich looking glaze. This is really yum on any kind of meat product.