Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yesterday My Birthday and a Truck Ride with a Steak Salmon Dinner

 Good afternoon to everyone!
Yesterday was a big day, my birthday I am the wonder 53 years of age and proud of it!
Hubby took me for a ride for the birthday and it was a beautiful day high up in the coast range where most do not get to see.....
thought I would share a couple of pictures of the coast mountains on highway 26

 Oh my! how I love Salmon! and for my birthday dinner hubby grilled some wonderful steaks that our good neighbor gave to him!
These were caught in the Columbia river! yum! were they great grilled with a seasoning I made up to put on them!
 Now you maybe wondering who this is???
My son's holly terror! yes he is I came home yesterday to find all my phone books tore up! Bucky must have thought it would make a neat birthday present for me!