Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Three Favorite Men

This morning, I was pondering my thoughts with Father's Day only a day away. I then thought I need to share the most three favorite men in my life. These men are hero's but not in the normal sense one thinks of a hero.
They are hero's in the sense that they have come through many trials, bumps bruises and endured.
First there is my amazing husband, who works endless hours in a dangerous job. To make sure that I , and our children have a wonderful home and all we need. We together have come through so much and he manges to have a positive outlook, stating to me " it can always be much worse". I am so thankful for him, he pulled me through a difficult time when we lost our home to fire and lost everything in 1999. He never lost hope, keeping me and our children strong and encouraged about the the future. Even when there were obstacles thrown in the way of rebuilding again.
He is truly brave in the job is does, it is a dangerous one. He is a Mule Train Log Truck Driver. Everyday is a risk in his work. He rises in the wee hours of the morning to travel treacherous roads to obtain logs. Just the other day I said a silent pray as he shared his tale of having to be pulled up a steep mountain side by a large cat. Because it was so steep and muddy. About three years ago one of my worse fears cam true. It was a message asking me to come to the hospital, my husband had been in a head on accident. I was in a panic the entire time wondering what I would find at the hospital. But when I got there I breathed a sigh of relief. He had only minor injuries. I know it was tough on him to be the one to survive, to be left behind. He tried so hard never to let us see, but I did. He has kept us strong will the love he has for us and I see it everyday in his eyes.
My dad is truly outstanding, his heart is light and a delight. He will offer help to anyone who needs it with a sense of humor. Growing up and to this day I cannot think of any person who did not like my dad. He has to be the most liked man, he can befriend just about anyone. I strive to be like him, to not let little things bother me, to laugh and make the most of things. My dad even jokes and as a sense of humor about the time of his horrible accident. In fact you would not believe the things he has lived through, a car falling on his head, falling off a roof . It's truly amazing that he lived through a car Saab falling on his head. It was one of those times you often hear about people having a amazing feats of strength Well he was one of them. He had the Saab on jacks and as he was under the car one of the jacks fell. Some how he was able to lift the entire car off and pull himself out, get up and walk outside of the garage and fall to the ground in the front yard. Today this day he makes jokes about it, as it were a light hearted conversation. He joke is we have to refer to things as BS ( Before Saab) AS (After Saab) when we talk about things of long ago as some of his memory is lost, and yet he can joke about it.
He is most of all a wonderful grandfather, he is the apple of my sons eye, a hero to my son. He is also a great grandfather an idle to his great grand daughter. He is my hero in every sense. I hope that I can have the faith and humor he has.
Now on to my Uncle, to him...
There is not a day I do not miss you, yes you are gone but I know you stand beside me ,I feel you. What courage you had facing that awful disease Parkinson's . Not once did you lose faith, courage, or not have encouragement. You stayed positive even until the end. You are also my hero because you served this wonderful country for 25 years. I cannot image all you saw, or how often you had to be brave during war time or the many times you were called away for duty. I miss often, your talks of hope and never giving up.
I hope you all remember the men in your lives on Sunday and honor them in your hearts, for a hero can have small, simple deeds, they can be dads, husbands and Uncles, they can teach us so much. Mine have taught me simple things, faith, hope, love, courage, humility, kindness, humor in the toughest of times. Thus my three men are my favorite hero's.
Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Large Country Cream Crochet Dollies

I had to share these two wonderful crochet dollies created with a really nice yarn called Country Cream. I just used a very simple stitch and made two large dollies measuring 20x19 19x17. They will be a nice addition anywhere. I used a 10 1/2 hook to make the and the yarn is cotton and 4 ply.

Happy 8th grade graduation to my son and the Astoria 8th grade.
Thank you too... Astoria middle school, for all that wonderful food!

Monday starts a new contest in my store Frankly It's kute Productions.

Just come in and sign up Monday and see what will be the give away.

I just finished this cute little dog a few days ago. She stands 10 inches and is made with some dark blue fake fur and filled with fiber fill.
The nose is done with pink cotton floss and she has small bead eyes that have been sewn into the head using quilting thread.
The final touches are the cotton fabric bows, one sewn to the ear and the other tied around the neck. I just tore some lighter blue cotton fabric for the bows.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Grumpiest Old Gal Opinions

As I am sitting here watching watching one of my favorite movies The Women staring Norma Shearer. I have time to reflect on my moods this week and express them in my blog. So this week its the grumpiest old gal opinions.
My first opinion is stay away from Citi Mortgage or Citi Bank! So sorry this grumpy gal has had tough time dealing with them. If you have ever had problems with Citi Mortgage you will relate. I can not understand how a bank can neglect a homeowners contract but they did it to us. I have look these guys up on the web and you would not believe the complaints to consumer affairs. Now I am one of the hundreds in those complaints. My opinion is stay away from them if you can.

Grumpy opinion number two....
Good heavens when will summer come to the Oregon coast? It's more like Jan here BR RR! Even though the hot flashes this week have been on the rampage! So much for my diet this week.
Grumpy opinion three...
I have not been doing much sewing this week, due to Citi Mortgage, yup I have ran my self to death almost trying to get a lawyer, faxing, mailing, phoning, writing.
Grumpy opinion four...
My son will not be playing football next year. Part it I feel it is the fact of the favoritism that goes on. I know he feels he will not get the desired position and so he no longer wants to play. It was tough staying out of it and letting him make that choice, but that's what moms have to do I think, let them make their choices and sometimes stand back and just support. I hate to say it too... the game is more for the well know students, and most popular at times. Why can't all the kids have a chance! Why was it that because my son missed one practice he was out his positions, he had a sprained hand at one time. The more popular boys did not lose out.
Grumpy opinion four...
I dislike going through menopause especially today, my mood has been gray, grumpy and this seems to happen once a month sometimes. Do I scare everyone to death in when the grumpy old gal comes out, its as if everyone in the house hides and looks at me like I am a total stranger. Even the dogs seem to know, by hiding under blankets, and beds from me. Polar bear my largest dog, even started howling at me and sat his head in my lap. Did I ever start crying right along with him. It had to be a sight to see this dog and grown woman both crying! I will have to post a picture of him....
I guess my mood swing is so bad my husband, son, and daughter are all going camping this coming weekend in hopes the grumpiest old gal will leave and their mom and wife returns again. Me too I hope the Grumpy old gal is gone by this weekend.
Right now Polar bear looks about how I feel....
But there is tomorrow...
Maybe then the grumpy old gal will be gone...
Fingers are crossed...