Friday, December 5, 2008

Frankly its kute productions is gone for now

How to begin this was tough to do, but I had to take down the craft store Frankly Its's kute Productions. The choice was made for me in someways, as I was not able to renew the domain name right now.
I have to admit things are very tough right now for me and my family, but I know faith it will turn around and this summer I have plans on creating a new store. My blog is still here and I am hoping to figure out a way to help you all be able to purchase things just from the blog and I have to find out how to do that or create another blog with my hand made crafts you can purchase, if anyone can help with ideas I would love to hear from you.
I am sorry about having to shut the craft store down, but logging is quite bad and the out look for the future of it is not good there are lots of rumors floating around and my fingers are crossed that most of them will end up being untrue. In any case it will be alright no matter what, I feel that is the only way to look at things right now.
Some say why be hopeful well, is it not a whole lot harder to faith than not to have faith? So I will keep faith and a very positive outlook at things.
I figure its just a bit of adversity to come through and we all will, with faith, hope and prayers that will be answer come what may.

There still will be lots of crafts and ideas and I will think of lots more to do on my blog.
I will have something fun for you all in the next few days, maybe a contest..... or a free giveaway so be sure to stayed tuned it.

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