Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Contest has Ended


This contest is all for the silly and fun side of Christmas time.
I have a quiz for you all
There are 5 questions that you will have to answer in order to win if you can answer all 5 questions correctly you will be the big winner!
The picture above is what you will win!
There were no winners this time but you can see the answers to the quiz......

1. What was so great about the little neurotic doll the sweet girl was given for Christmas?
It was a Wind up dolly
2. What do you call a Kitty on the beach at Christmas time?
Santa claws
3. Who is never hungry at Christmas time?
The turkey who is always stuffed
4. Why does Santa Claus have 3 different gardens?
So he could HO, HO HO!
5. What does a snowman eat for breakfast?
Snow Flakes
Come on and have a little fun this holiday season, you just might be the lucky one who knows the answers to these silly questions.
So hurry and send your answers in by Dec 17th to
I will then pick the winner by Dec 19th and ship Dec 20th by priority mail
Yup this is a whirl wind Christmas contest! so hurry and get those answers emailed to me.
In your emails answer the questions and send along your email so that I can contact the winner for shipping address.
Remember to have some fun and good cheer with this silly quiz, because you could be the winner.
Good Luck!

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