Monday, May 5, 2014

A Little Something for Mother's and Mothers Day

Oh boy! I am running way behind so I thought I better get busy and do something for Mother's Day. I decided to paint this little chalkboard of a little owl, who is a mother and a baby bee and larger child bee and I guess I was thinking about being different in that moms are many different things and this little owl and decided to adopt abandoned bee's and raise them.  I guess I was thinking about nature and how sometimes there are odd ball friendships in animals and I thought why couldn't a little owl raise a couple of busy bee's.  I admit my thinking was strange but I think mom can be anything, do so much and lots of love to give!   I did paint in the acrylics and and I wrote a few things that moms are to their children or in this case how these little busy bee's feel about their mother the wise little owl.

     In the second picture is my grand baby girl Joey celebrating that big TWO birthday and I just love the look on her face in this photo, I have been sharing it lots and there is so much said in the look she is giving everyone!  So here she is again....
 Joey I love your look....HOORAY FOR TURNING 2!!