Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sorry to all

Hello everyone, sorry you all have not heard from me.
I have been very ill with a serious case of Pneumonia, it started the first of October and has lasted to now, Nov 13. It has been quite a battle for me, as I also have severe asthma, my breathing was down to 30% which is quite bad for someone my height and age. It took over 3 visits to the doctor and lots medication.
Thank goodness I am finally getting back to being somewhat well again. It has been said we are given trials to over come and I have almost overcome this one.
The asthma is just about under control again and I have a new medication that has been helping a whole lot.
I am sorry about not getting the recipes and ideas to all and I soon hope to change all that.
I am having some other trials along with the illness and those also will have outcomes.
Soon I will have some good recipes and ideas and adventures to tell you all about.
For instance the last 2 days have been very exciting, rain, rain rain!
Astoria, Oregon broke records again! over 5 inches of rain! My yard is a swamp and when the dogs come in what a mess!
Polar bear loves the couch and when I am not looking up he goes and now you can not even seen the pattens in the couch, silly dog!
I feeling bad about not being able to sew or craft, I have missed it greatly and soon I will back to it again.

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