Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart and High Blood Pressure Troubles

Hello to everyone,
I have not been blogging much lately as I have been quite ill dealing with some serious heart issues but I have also found out that I have a very serious problem with high blood pressure. It took and ER visit and about a day and a half in the hospital to get the both of these problems under control.
I have not been crafting to say it honestly because even at home now I am still having problems. I am working on seeing a heart specialist and getting my blood pressure under control.
Its kind of strange that it was never mentioned to to me by my doctors that I was already being treated for high blood pressure, with some of the medications I was already on were for hypertension and blood pressure.
I am not sure what is causing the heart to misfire electrically and beat really fast but I will find out and I am hoping it will only take medication again, a while back it was mentioned that the doctors might have to go in the cauterize the misfires.
I am hoping to do some crafting this weekend and work on some cute holiday ideas.
In the picture above is my little dog Oreo who also has heart problems, and is on special medications, guess it kind of holds true that our pets are like us. Like her I am trying hard to take it easy and get things under control.