Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finished Another Katty Rag Cloth Doll and Poppy

Hello to everyone I am doing better it is still very hard without my little Oreocookies I miss her so very much!  Poppy is doing better he is eating again and not so sad, I was quite worried about him.  Well I know you all are probably wondering about the contest I am going to just start over and do a new one in a few weeks around March 18th I will do a new giveaway and I hope you all will enter in as I really did not have that many entered in the butt naked doll so I going to kind combine Easter and St. Patrick's Day I think I will have a first prize and a second prize! So I will give away 2 items instead of one!!
I had another order for my Katty rag cloth doll and I made her just like my first original Katty Doll! accept the skirt is a little longer.  I just love this orange yarn and I need to find more of it I have been looking for it a long time and have not found it darn it.  I one never knows... so I will not give up the search quite yet.... 
I have say thank you all that had prayers and send me comments I am very thankful for you all! May you all be blessed!  
Oh yes I was taking some pictures of Poppy in his bed thought I would also share one! Thank heavens he is doing better, I just don't what I would have done if I would have lost him too! He has been a great comfort for me.