Saturday, August 31, 2013

Items I have been Working on a Halloween Wall Hanging Applique Quilt, Halloween Painted Plate and Leandra the Witch!

Hello to All! its late Saturday afternoon here on the Oregon coast and the sun is shining so nicely! I have finished a few items for the fall season.  
The first is my applique wall hanging Halloween quilt.  I cut out the quit pieces of two different kinds of orange and had some really cute cute fabric for Halloween so I began piecing my idea together I mixed the oranges and the fabric squares with a bit of applique. I have added some applique cats, hat and a ghost with some pumpkins but I think my favorite is the spider.  The spider is black felt and his legs are hair pins! that I have sewn in, I think the hair pins made great spider legs!
I finished Leandra today also I have made her somewhat primitive by staining the fabric with a dark green acrylic paint, that I sponged onto the body of the doll then began staining the doll with instant coffee and cinnamon.  The design of the doll is my very own I drew up the pattern and have done all the painting, sewing.  The doll is Onsaburg and filled with fiber fill and plastic pellets for weighting the doll.

I am painting in acrylics that have an oil base; I have hand painted all the facial features and the webs on the front and back of the doll along with signing the doll.

I thought about staining the shirt and skirt but then decided not to because I liked the brightness of the fabrics.  The hair is a wool yarn with various brown tones in it.
 The shoes are painted on using black acrylic paint.  I love naming my witches! it just happens that Leandra means Lioness.  I think it suits this primitive witch rag cloth doll!
Lastly I am finishing up a painted plate, using a acrylic oil based paints I love black! it just brought the colors out even more!  Its a spooky old house with some old ghoulish ghosts just a hanging about the house.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Finally a Fish! a 20 pound Chinook Salmon

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Yesterday was finally the big day! My son and hubby went out in our neighbor's boat Sunday.  My wonderful hubby landed a 20 pound Chinook Salmon.  We have been going fishing every weekend since the season opened and hooray yesterday was the day!  
I just that is an awesome catch that is he holding! and I love that happy look! my and neighbor also had bites but did not reel in quick enough.  I love grilled Salmon yum!
There was also enough to share with my daughter and her boyfriend so we will be having Salmon tonight!  I think fishing is about to close so I am happy he caught this one!