Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cookies for the Weekend from Cake Mixes

These are so very easy to make and fun because you are playing with a cake mix. I find making cookies with cake mixes is easy but also inexpensive, usually you can find cake mixes on sale and using a mix you can get between 40-30 cookies.
This batch of cookies is call Raspberry yogurt cookies.

What you will need:

1 box of white cake mix
1 egg
Raspberry jam
1/2 tablespoon of raspberry yogurt
1 cup of sugar

Mix egg and cake mix and 1/2 table spoon of raspberry yogurt add a little water only to get dough to form together if need, so add gradually. You want the dough to form together so that you can create 1 inch balls to roll in the sugar. Then place 1 inch
balls onto lightly greased cookie sheet and use your thumb to make a small indent in center of cookie bake at 350 for 25 min or until cookies are done. Remove from over and add jam to center of cookie before cooled completely. You can get about 30 cookies.

Now using a yellow cake mix you can make chocolate chip cookies
What you will need:

Yellow cake mix
1 egg
chocolate chips

Mix egg, cake mix, walnuts and chocolate chips, add a small amount of water gradually make sure dough forms together. Drop about 1 inch drops onto greased cookie sheet bake for 25 min or until cookies are done.
Now to the fun part, I just gave you some simple additions you can put into these cookies but there is a whole lot you can do, add coconut, M and M's, raisins, toffee, almonds and a whole a lot more, it's just about adding what you like or changing this simple recipe anyway you like. You can once again get between 30-40 cookies. If you are like me a mom of a teen boy this is very economical for feeding teen boys and all their friends.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Today was Polar Bears operation, it was a tough morning and a night. The reason being we had to scrub that dog who hates baths and brushing. It must have taken us an hour to chase him around before finally catching him and getting him into the tub. I and my wondrous hubby had to scrub him down and I have to wonder who actually got the bath. Polar bear would make sure he would shake and spray us both quite well.
We also had to take the food away so that meant taking the food away from all the dogs and the cat food sitting in the window. Oh all the human food had to be put away, it sounds like we all are kind of heartless, but Polar has ways of obtaining food you just would not believe; Like eating an entire cookie jar of cookies.
This happened just a week or two ago with cookies I made and had planned on sharing with you all the recipe. I still will share the recipe and I have one picture of some of the cookies that did make it.
I am now sitting here writing this waiting very calmly to hear word on how he is doing. I had to have my son help me this morning, it was really hard because as we were pulling up another car pulled up with a sick kitty. As we were inside Polar decided to lick the kitty as if to tell it ...
it will be alright, he licked the kitty with care it was amazing to watch, then it was our time to say good bye, he put his head on my knee as he does when I am upset and went with the vet assistant quickly.

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Polar Bear needs Surgry

These last few days have not gone as well, as one would expect. Sunday is when I first noticed Polar Bear's ear was not standing up. So I took a closer look and it was all stolen and flopped over, I went to touch it and Polar let out a yelp. I almost hit the floor, fainting for some reason I can't take it when my animals get hurt, don't ask why I just get to sweating and dizzy along with turning green.
So I asked my husband to take a look at it....
He decided that he would use a needle and drain the ear, he made sure to clean and add some antibiotic ointment to the ear. While I was still right... THERE!

Well to say the least I had to leave the room, he did get some of the blood fluid out but it was still infected badly.
This morning I ran Polar Bear to the vet and he has to have surgery on Wend, I did get the talk about him being an old dog and the risks, I really tried not to cry. Because after it is all done his ear will no longer stand up, and hearing the risks just made me cry. I think it might have been a little of the menopause causing some of the problem and I have been doing a lot of crying this week over other strange things like the fact I could not solve this math problem for my class 3/4=1-3x/x+1 I spent an entire hour crying over how I could not solve it. I just hate menopause....
Still I am quite worried over my baby dog Polar Bear we have been through so much together, fire, the accident, kid problems, he just seems to know all my woes and always comes and comforts me no matter what, he is also the only male in my troop of animals so that just makes him a little extra special because he puts up with 2 human females and 4 animal females and yet is a very calm dog with an happy go lucky personality.

Well I goofed this up this morning writing this so I went back through and corrected a few things.