Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Yet Another Wall Hanging Quilt created with a Picture of my Fennel Bush

Good evening to all! its a another pretty day on the coast! Today I finished another wall hanging quilt and this my very own design.  I had some wonderful green fat quarters, some cotton novelty fabric, buttons, quilting batting and a photo that I took of my Fennel bush!
Oh how I love this bush! it smells wonderful and I can make homemade Fennel tea with it.  The bush also brings all kinds bees and other bugs to it I even once had a humming have a go at it.
The photo has different overlays on which I have used my smart photo editor to get this look and I printed the photo onto muslin.  The quilt design was just done by hand so I can't make a duplicate!
I did some fancy folding and shaping the green fabric to get the look it has and I added the buttons, sewing them on by hand and sewing with cotton thread on the sewing machine the quilt is 17 X 17.
You may ask what I am trying to do? well I trying hard to come up with one of kind designs created by me and I am hoping one day the quilts will really stand up and be noticed and I really hope people will like them!  The quilt also has a smaller picture and I used the green and attached it to the main quilt before adding the batting and backing.  The last little thing is recycling pop can tabs  for hanging the quilt.
I really like how it turned and I be adding it to the Etsy store It's Just Frankly Kute.
I am working hard on 2 new quilts and I have designed a witch pattern for a witch of course! and some silly black cats.
Hoping you all have a great evening

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Lovely Day on Social Security Beach, the river beach in Astoria Oregon/Warrenton Oregon

 Every year I get to see one of my favorite bird the Pelicans! This one picture turned fairly nice! what a beautiful day on the Columbia River! Across the river is Washington!  The dry sand was almost to hot to walk on what a great pre-birthday day! Today is my birthday!! hooray! turning the big 52! yesterday was my mom's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and my parents Anniversary!!!

 It was exciting not only pelicans but lots of jelly fish! I tried really hard to catch one and you can kind of see it.  If you look close you can see a bit of pink and black... that's the jelly fish! baby crabs were washing up too and the seagulls were having a field day with them!

 You can also drive on the river beach which is call Social Security beach and fish away!
People and dogs loving the day!