Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grubby old Miss Tattered and Bee, a primitive aged rag cloth doll

I created this 15 inch rag cloth doll from a vintage 1982 pattern that was just laying around doing nothing. In the original pattern you are to use felt, buttons. I did the pattern a little different, instead I used muslin and stained it heavily with what I call my sludge, coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. I make it up extra thick and set the solution in the refrigerator over night then I brush it on the made up doll several times depending on how stained and dark I want the doll to be. I had lots of fun making this one I made the face darkest and the body parts lighter she also has a little friend that was fun to create. The facial features are painted on with acrylic paints and the hair is a thick dark red wool yarn that I have hand sewn into the head of the doll using quilting thread. The dress and apron are cotton fabrics. You can find her here