Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday gift box

I thought I would share one of my many craft ideas with everyone.
So first you will need a small wooden box that you can find at any craft store.
I love color and for this box I used a bright red acrylic pain and brushed it on all over the box and let it dry over night.
Then I took some walnut stain and carefully dabbed it on in certain places on the box and took a old dry cloth and wiped away the staining, so that it gave the box an aged look.
I let dry once again over night.
For the top of the lid I used a clear glitter pain and brushed it on and let it dry.
I had some really cute graphic bears and downloaded them onto some photo print paper and cut them out.
I carefully decoupaged them onto the lid, using 2-3 coats and letting each coat dry before doing the next coating.
The final touches were a little more glitter paint and a good sealer to seal everything nicely.

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