Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Ghoulish fog Saturday Morning cool crisp Halloween Weather

 Good Saturday afternoon to everyone!!
Today I had to share the photos of this morning's pictures!  One of my most favorite things about living in Astoria and on the Oregon coast is the fall weather and woo who!  we have been having some really nice weather in the afternoon, morning are pretty brisk but the afternoons are sunny and bright.  I also love the fall fog I don't know I just do and what is really neat is I can drive into Astoria and go to the column and be above the fog and so that's what these pictures are of, capturing the fog below.  I also had to add a picture of the column, which you can still climb as you can see in the picture someone has done that, if I remember right I believe its a 177-174 steps to the top.  In some of pictures you can see Saddle Mountain in the distance. So now I better go sit outside and enjoy the sun and later I will pick on the crafting again.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Whacked out Applique Quilt Done with my Dad and Husband in Mind, The Fisherman's Tresure

Good morning! today I am slightly off the subject of Halloween but notice I have mentioned it.  I wanted to share one of favorite quilts again, I did this large wall hanging quilt up some time ago but thought today I share it again.  I designed this quilt with no patterns! I cut out everything free hand straight from the fabric.  It's a fairly simple design in that there are no complicated pieces to it.  That's why I love this form of quilting and I very thankful to my Aunt Carol for showing me this!
Anyway back to the quilt, I designed with the fisherman in mind its mostly fantasy! what fisherman does not dream about meeting up a lovely mermaid?  The story is first about the fisherman catching that fish tale story to brag to all his friends(ever notice how big those fish stories get? or about the one that got away?)
The first square is all the mermaids sunbathing and watching over the treasure.  In the second one you see one mermaid hiding as all the others were scared off and the fisherman in a casting mess! I used all kinds of fabrics for this corduroy, flannel, cottons, other crafting fabrics, thread, buttons just about anything and everything I could find to put in this quilt.  I did the sewing on a machine but used the footer up so that I could get the tangled mess in the fishing line.
In the second half of the story the fisherman finds himself in big trouble by hooking the wrong kind of fish! which is not a fish! and you see what I designed? an octopus. Notice the mermaid in the back round and the whale, you guessed right they rescue the silly fisherman from the nasty octopus and the mermaids give the poor fisherman the treasure!
I use lots a various stitch designs and backed the quilt with quilting batting and a rayon fabric that I found in a second hand store.  I have been thinking about adding it to my store but part of me wants to hand onto it for my grand children to have and remember me by.  Thank you for letting me share one of many favorite quilts with all of you, quilting can be so much fun by just sitting and letting the story come to life as you begin to cut out each piece to make a whack out applique quilt.  You all have a great day!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Halloween Crafting going in my Home, Paper Mache' Cone Witches!

EEK!  These frightful witches are ready for Halloween!
I just had to use my imagination when I found these 6 inch cone paper mache' items.  I have even named these 3 ghoulish witches! They are Ada, Adair and Aglea!
First I painted the cones with a mixture of 2 different green acrylic paints to get the color I wanted; then I added just some simple but scary faces.  Next I decided to decorate the cones with scrap book Halloween paper and make look like each witch was wearing a different style of dress.  On Ada who is in the middle I even rumbled up the paper to make appear as a wrinkled dress.  I used 2 types of glue, hot and E600 for more sturdy hold.  I used black craft foam for their hats and yarn for hair, which I just wrapped on 2 fingers then knotted the yarn and glued on each cone.  I also had some great black glitter craft foam, buttons of various kinds, scrap book dimensional stickers and black beads.  For their hands I used thin wire and felt and a little bit of ribbon and fabric to finish off their look!
Tomorrow I will working on some dolls and I need to get busy crafting some cute turkeys and snowmen!
I can't believe how fast Halloween is approaching!   This year too I plan seeing the talking tombstones and filming again but I think I post the video on my YouTube channel.  I have also added a small new recipe using my canned peaches and making smoothies and I will have a white bean stew ready soon!  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!