Saturday, May 3, 2008

Recycling Rocks into Something Darn Sweet, Rock Cottages.

These Rock Cottages were taught to me by my wonderful Aunt. What a wonderful way to give an ugly old rock a sweet look. First off I go searching for fairly small rocks that have a wild shape to them. It also helps to have a great husband who is a Mule Train truck driver who helps me find these strange shaped rocks.

I used acrylic paints to paint on all sides of the rock and I wanted to create a scene. So on the side of this rock there is a little black cat watching moths or fireflies and a small spider in the window. Did you see the wild looking roof?
This is the back of the rock and there is a bird house, a bucket and a ivy growing all over this Rock Cottage. Do you see the spider in the window again, if you are gonna have a garden I guess you should expect a few spiders. I will also seal these cottages so that they can sit in a yard or be used as a door stop, or just to sit on a shelf. This one is in my store Frankly Its Kute Productions just click on it listed in favorite stores. This one is larger so I have to consider shipping and handling so the cost is $30.00
This second one is a smaller one and what a wild shape, it looked just like a small cottage and I love the colors I used for it...
This is the front view of the cottage, and look down in the corner there is a cute frog with a big smile on his face. I love how the acrylics took on the look for this tiny cottage. Look there is another spider in the window and take a peek of the address above the cottage.

This is the back of the cottage can you find the snail? This one is smaller and so the cost would be $26.00. Right now I have not added this one but you can send me an email at
Right now I am having some updates made to my store Frankly It's Kute Productions that are being installed by create a shoppe and as soon as they are done I will add these wonderful Rock Cottages! But what a way to recycle rocks!

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