Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Rock Cottages

I have just finished painting another wild looking Rock Cottage, this one is full of details. This is the front of the cottage, yup its another kitty watching those moths and a spider in the window. But I have added more to this cottage...

This is the sided view of the cottage with a fence and a wonderful garden growing and of course every garden has spiders. To help the garden flourish.

Look here.... a kitty peeping out wonder what else have I done with this rock?

I have added a dog and a frog! on the other side and there is a bird hoping to fit into the bird house. Well this Rock Cottage is a busy place with lots of adventures going on in it and outside of it. The cost of this larger cottage will be $38.00. I will be adding this one a a couple other new Rock Cottages to my store Frankly It's Kute Productions so jump over to my store and peek at the newest cottages being added.

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