Friday, January 28, 2011

The Finished 18 inch aged HeirLoom rag cloth doll

This is how the larger 18 inch aged Heirloom rag cloth doll has come out; as I have stated I stained the body several times first staining the fabric and baking in my over along with the clothing also at 200 degrees. Then I kept some of the staining separate and a paint brush which I used later to drop the stain on the clothing and the doll it's self and just let it air dry. I love how she came out in the end and now I am working on the smaller doll which will measure 12 inches long and will go along with this doll as a complete set. When I have finished her I will post the entire set together and add them to my Esty store.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Step Two on what I am working on, a Set of rag cloth dolls

This is the second step to making my rag cloth dolls; I have baked the first stage of the staining in and have darkened the fabric.

Now I took what stain I had left over and used a small paint brush to drip the stain onto the rag cloth doll and and let it dry naturally so that I get the more aged look to the doll, you can see the staining by looking at where the botches are located on the doll.
Now the third step will to begin sewing each of the dolls up and filling them with fiber fill. I want to mention when I drop the extra stain onto the dolls I just let them dry over night really well.
In the next picture I have cute the dresses and bonnets; the clothing as also been stained using the coffee and brown acyclic paint. Once I have the clothing sewn up I will sand it lightly with a light weight sand paper and then rub the cinnamon into the clothing and I will show this in the next stage.