Friday, July 20, 2012

What's being Worked on for Friday July 20th 2012

It's Friday!  I will be spending the weekend crafting away as my hubby has to take the log truck in for a oil change and small amounts of work need to be done on it.  So I will be at home finishing up these 2 projects I started.  The first one is a small bear that need some revamping.  I am staining the bear and messing him up to look some what older or aged. The bear is made from some old dark red fake fur and I have filled with bear with fiber fill.  The nose and eyes are black safety eyes I found in fabric depot (my favorite place to shop) I did Cranberry bear up a while back and he has been just sitting around doing nothing so it was time for a revamp on him.  I am staining him with my coffee solution and rubbing cinnamon in him giving him a rustic look maybe?
The second project is of course a 18 inch rag doll, made from muslin and stained with my favorite coffee stain.  I will fill her with fiber fill and paint the facial features, she also has a buddy which is a cute rabbit for her.  The dress is a cotton blend/ rayon being the blend.  It is wrinkling nicely and staining pretty easily.  I actually started these yesterday but thought I would talk about them today being the house is so quiet even my little dogs are napping away.  I post again showing you all what they look like all finished.  I think in the next blog I will tell you all about the Butterfinger cookies I made!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love being a Grandma, Pictures of JoJo at 21/2 Months

Hello everyone! I just had to share some baby pictures of my sweetie grand daughter! boy is she growing and developing a personality!   My daughter brought her to the house a few days back and I took pictures and video taped her.  I wanted to share the video with you also but for some reason it would not upload to blogger.  Oh well...  JoJo is 2 1/2 months old in these pictures and 10 pounds 23 inches is she growing like a little weed.  I have so much fun when she comes to the house, I am so busy playing with her nothing gets done!  I love what mommy dressed her in that day pink and cute!  These are only a few pictures that day I took about 60-70 pictures! and 4 videos, I love spoiling her but her doctor says you can never spoil them when they are this young.  Today I am at home blogging this but also sewing some new things that I will post later on, be sure still enter in the contest to win some great items