Thursday, April 12, 2012

What I have been Working on a Wall hanging " Love for the Crows"

I am finishing up this wall hanging! But first I should tell you all how I began this project; first I took some muslin and sprayed it with chalkboard paint.  I let it dry over night before drawing the picture I wanted on it, which is my very own design.   I free hand drew the picture and began using oil pastels, which I just love!  I have had fun blending colors and I love how the pastels make it look like chalk.  When I have finished I will back this with quilting batting and some wild colored flannel I have laying around.  I am using a famous Chinese proverb " Love for a person must extend to the crows on his/her roof".   Even though these crows are actually sitting on an old fence.  I am using an acrylic sealer when the drawing is finished, it was lots of fun to make this because we had a few nice days and I painted the fabric out doors.  After a bit the wind came up and my muslin went blowing down the street I am sure I looked pretty silly to the neighbors chasing a painted piece of fabric down the road. I am putting together a video to post to YouTube of course and show how it all came out, I plan on doing another one of these a little later on.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Crocheting again with No Patterns a small Purse and Wrap

First off I hope everyone had a very nice Easter! This year I did no cooking but had brunch out at a wonderful cafe called the Wet Dog.  Now onto what I have been working on, I have been crocheting again using no patterns or instructions and I have created a few things that I wanted to share.  First I created this cute little purse and wrap for a young lady.  I used an J 6.00 hook and did a double and single stitch for both the purse and the wrap.  When I finished them I added some fringe which is knotted and tied in by hand. 
The Second photo is another purse but it is larger and made with a sheet and a J 6.00 hook.  I tore strips of sheet and knotted them together to form a ball like a ball of yarn and began crocheting.  I used just a double stitch for this hand bag.  After I finished crocheting I added some buttons that are hand sewn on and strips of a lace curtain and the rest of the sheet which gave it a neat look I think.   Both items are in my Etsy store now.  Both projects took about 3 days for me complete using no patterns or directions, so both are one of kind in that I doubt I could redo the same look but that's the way I love to crochet, never knowing how it might come out and that each as a look of it's own.