Friday, September 5, 2008

Something from past Fall holidays, Frankie

Frankie is something I created a while back, and he was tons of fun to make. I used muslin to make the body of the the doll and filled him with some cat litter to weight him, and filled him with fiber fill. The clothes are all different fabrics, Halloween fabrics and cotton fabrics. Now his vest is a plush felt, which I have not been able to find that same color for years darn it. I did his face in black cotton floss and did it by hand. His hair is back yarn that I took and separated the yard, knotted it and sewed and glued it to his head. There are raffia bows and stain ribbon bows tied on him. The final thing I want to note is his bolts to his neck, they are gold screws I found just laying around. I made a small poke in the fabric and put a dab of hot glue on the screw and inserted them.
Right now Frankie is in the sales bin at Frankly It's Kute Productions, you can purchase him for $12.00 and he is a 22 inch cloth doll.

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