Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What's Up Lately...

Hi everybody, it's been a bit since I talked about what's up lately. Yesterday was my Anniversary! I and my wonderful hubby have been married for 18 years. We dinned out and had prime rib and ice cream. I and my hubby met 18 years ago in a pet store. I was working there and he was buying feeder fish.
Today we have 2 wonderful kids both teens now, in fact next year my daughter will graduate. Our son will be a Freshman. I know more adventures lay ahead for us and I look forward to them.

Just had to share a picture of my baby girl, this is Oreo and she is 3 years old.

An Older Idea...
I found a bunch of these prefabricated wooden door hangers and stained them to look primitive. I used a dark walnut stain and just dropped some stain onto the hanger and moved the hanger around covering the hanger. Then I used a cloth towel, a old one to wipe away some of the stain. The stain stayed in certain places and wiped off well in others. Next I found some cute fall time cotton fabric and I stained it to make it look used a bit. The fabric has a actual recipe for old time bread pudding on it.
I then added little ornaments, a frog, lady bug button, fall time leaves. I also stained the little bear and made him darker than the door hanger. He has button eyes and a cute bow.
It was one of my fun projects and it turned out cute for fall time. You can find it in my store Franky It's Kute Productions.
The newest and Latest...
This is Toon a 10 inch stuffed animal dog. I made him from some dark blue fake fur and and filled her with fiber fill. She does have eyes, black beads that are sewn into the head of the dog. Next I tore some light blue cotton fabric and made some bows for this little dog. The nose is done in a pink cotton floss. I only used a few stitches to give it more of a hand crafted look.

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