Thursday, November 1, 2007

My way of Quilting

I love to quilt, but I love to quilt with color and tons of imagination! I wanted to talk a little about the way I quilt, my wonderful Aunt taught me this form of applique quilting. I also call folk art quilting with color.
When I plan out one of my quilts I will first draw out my idea first on paper. Then I will begin cho
osing the colors for the quilt, sometimes I think of quilting as painting with paints.
What I love so much about this form of quilting is one does not have to be exact just creative and imaginati

In most of my quilts I try to create a story of some kind, just as the quilt above, its about a crisp fall day and time to start the harvest. There is a small cabin or home, cats, chickens running around, pumpkins but most of all it's a beautiful clear day. In each quilt I create I also try to put all forms of fabrics in it and sometimes I will use fabric from shirts, pants, coats and whatever else I can find.

Sometimes I will use a washable pencil or maker to draw onto the fabric the ideas,I want to cut out, example a dog, cloud, house. Or I will use free hand and just cut the fabric until I like the shape I have.
There are times I will use interfacing, fabri
c softeners or fabric stiffener just depends on what the fabric might require to firm it up . A lot of times I just use nothing because I like the ragged look the quilt might get.

I always use cotton muslin as the backing and layout for the story I am creating. Next I place the cut out fabrics onto the muslin to see what the story will look like. I will use a dab of stick glue and just a large loose running stitch through, so that I can remove the thread when everything is placed onto the muslin, and ready to sew.
Once every piece is in place I choose the backing and batting, then I pin it on for sewing. I sew with all kinds of thread too, I love the quilting thread the best, I think it brings out the quilt and design.

This is where I have fun with my sewing machine! So many ways to stitch on the quilt. This is the funniest form of quilting and I th
ankful my Aunt taught me about it, there are so many ideas to come up with and so many stories, most of all the color is unlimited. You can find more of my quilts in my store

The quilt is one of my largest quilts.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sharing a visit to the Talking Tombstones

One of my most favorite things to do during the Halloween time is go to the Talking Tombstones! The Astoria Historical society puts on the event and it is just wonderful! Its a great to learn about the past and the trials that people went through....
Its also a wonderful way to help preserve history and teach others. What happens is the Historical Society dress in costume and select an old grave site. Then they research certain people who have passed on. They find the history of the person, who they were, how they lived, why they came and more. The event is free and as I have said before its the most wonderful way to learn about the community, history, and about that person who brought about change or had something to do with what came to be...
In other words they become the voices of those that can no longer speak...

Here are some pictures of the day. The Judge telling us his tale...

This gentleman helped establish the church that is pictured in the back round. He also helped in the rights for women.

A very strong lady, and helped in establishing the church pictured above.

This wonderful lady traveled a great distance walking from Kentucky to Oregon and she even shot a 300 pound bear! with a shot gun.

This is a doctor being a doctor back then was way different than today, can you imagine waiting sometimes more than a year to be paid a $1.00 to be paid for services, or given a wheat, chickens, or whatever else people could give back then for treatment and services? This doctor did many things. There was so much to learn and find out and the Historical society and their helpers were so wonderful to put this on!