Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creating Ideas for my Whacked Out Quilts

Today is kind of a lazy day for me this Saturday, so I am sitting down and just drawing out ideas for up coming whacked out wall hanging quilts.
I thought this one just might make a cute Halloween quilt some kitty cats ruffled by a ghost.
I have to you all that a few weeks ago I found out I am going to be a grandma. My daughter of 20 years of age is 8 weeks pregnant the baby will come in April, it's thrilling news! The second quilt idea is going to be a bit more serious, a fall scene with a deer in it. This drawing idea is really in the rough I have only done it in pencil and not ink yet so I hope you all can see it. Sometimes I will sit down and start drawing out ideas for quilts and then start whacking and making patterns, most of the time I just start cutting on the fabric. It often depends on how complicated I want to get with a quilt idea. You can see that the top picture/drawing is going simple to whack out but the deer is going to be harder and I will need to put much more thought into how exactly I will whack out the quilt. I think I better come up with a Thanksgiving wall hanging quilt with some goofy turkeys! So it's time to head to the sketch pad and get busy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hunkered Down for Fall Time, The Finished Whacked Out Wall Hanging quilt

This Whacked out appliqued wall hanging quilt is an original design, created by me with the use of no patterns. I created this quilt by just simply cutting the shapes I wanted, the quilt measures 15 inches across and 22 inches long. I have used all cotton quilting fabrics in the quilt accept for the sheep which are an off white/cream colored fake fur. I have added all kinds of great decorative stitching on the quilt with the use of my sewing machine with a a white rayon thread and reason I used a white rayon thread was to create the idea of frost on the ground and on the tree. You can see gray sky as one would see a cool crisp fall day and the leaves are long gone off the tree along with the grassy hills turning brown. The sheep are attempting to keep warm and so they all are laying down on the hills as the frost settles in for the day.
The quilt is backed with quilting batting and cotton fabrics, I did not take pictures of the bamboo but it will come with the quilt to help hang this whacked out wall hanging quilt. You can find it here for purchasing.