Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Wonderful Christmas Present is I am Still Alive

Hello to all!
My gift for Christmas is that I did not die, and I am so very thankful for that. I know in my heart my heavenly father must have been guiding, watching over me. As many of you might know I have been really ill off and on, battling my health. Well last week I got a call from my doctor telling me to get into the ER right now! my blood sugar was 720, yes 720!
Some how I was able to drive to the ER and not die on the way as it was put to me many times over this past week. Once in the hospital the doctors decided to send me to OHSU because some of my blood tests were stating damage was occurring to my heart and they felt it best to send me to Portland. I really feel OHSU saved my life!
My coronary angiography was okay and I had a doctor working on me that looked just like George Clooney.
I was amazed how many nurses and doctors let me know that with my sugar level, I broke the record which I would to say is not a record I want to break. Many of the doctors and nurses were amazed that I drove myself to the hospital, again lucky that I did not die on the way.
I am happy to say so far no damage to the heart but I have Hypertensive Urgency, DM type 2 uncontrolled, morbid obesity, Dyslipidemia, unstable Angina.
I have put my stores on vacation mode for a little while, as I just got back home and I have a very long road ahead of me, I will try to reopen them maybe next month and I am not sewing or doing any projects right now, I will try and blog next month but for now I need to try and get some things under control such as the sugar levels and the blood pressure, because I don't want to die, I want to see my son and daughter and see that grand baby that is coming. I will talk with you all next month!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I am Working on for Decemember 8th 2011 Alseep and Awake Dolls

Good Thursday to everyone;
I have been busy with a special order I got in my Etsy store to create some dolls. Two of the dolls are for little girls and one is for a boy and I am having lots of fun creating them. The girl dolls are being made from craft robing and the boy doll is from some off brown muslin. I have painted their faces with acrylic paints and I am fill them with fiber fill.
These dolls are going to be 2 sided and look similar to the children, a kind of buddy doll for them. I have made them awake and asleep dolls, I plan on putting the blonde doll in a pink dress and brown haired doll in a white dress with black and red, the boy will have a cute grey blue dog shirt and grey overalls. I will take more pictures when they are finished and show how they turned out completely.
In my Etsy store you can now request special order dolls from some of the dolls listed in my store and I am happy to create some special for you http://www.etsy.com/shop/49pamela?ref=si_shop
You can go and look through the dolls that have special requests on them and right now too I am having free shipping in my store until Dec 22th.
I am again stirring my pot up with some new ideas to share with you all and I will have a free craft project for you in a week.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Paper Craft, I did up a While back, this can be a Journal, or Keep your Favorite Recipes

This was a fun project I did back some time ago working with ribbon, card stock, brown paper bags, a hole punch and some really cute stickers. This one is for recipes that are of the past and yet still yummy!
I found all kinds of old time recipes and left a few pages blank to add in more. I used small brown paper bags to create pockets for holding some of recipes and small tags with recipes on them. The book is about 7 inches and I have used all kind things to put into it. The idea is take some card stock and fold and cut 7x7 then fold in half small brown paper bags and align in the card stock that is going to be the front and back, then cut a smaller contrast card stock about 4 inches. Now take the paper bags and put them in the center of the cover, place the small strip on the outside as pictured above and begin using the hole punch , add string, ribbon raffia and tie good knots but not too tight as to bunch up the bags and card stock. Now have fun adding decor to this cute keepsake, or make them up as gifts for friends!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!!

Come see me here this holiday season as this is a thanks for some loyal customers!! and a thank you!
Please be sure when shopping at my or any of these great stores listed to do the following so that you will be sure to get the discount, under payment area in your shopping cart it will say apply shop coupon code, just click on that and enter OFGthanksyou2011 and the discount will appear, this will apply for all items in your cart.

There is a wonderful gathering of team members for this token of thank you this holiday season, I hope you all will come join us! http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?search_submit=&q=OFG&view_type=gallery&ship_to=US and here is a wonderful list of shops to visit just click on each link to come and see wonderful hand made items:





























Most of all I am wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving, may your homes be blessed and my loved ones surround you.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Heart and High Blood Pressure Troubles

Hello to everyone,
I have not been blogging much lately as I have been quite ill dealing with some serious heart issues but I have also found out that I have a very serious problem with high blood pressure. It took and ER visit and about a day and a half in the hospital to get the both of these problems under control.
I have not been crafting to say it honestly because even at home now I am still having problems. I am working on seeing a heart specialist and getting my blood pressure under control.
Its kind of strange that it was never mentioned to to me by my doctors that I was already being treated for high blood pressure, with some of the medications I was already on were for hypertension and blood pressure.
I am not sure what is causing the heart to misfire electrically and beat really fast but I will find out and I am hoping it will only take medication again, a while back it was mentioned that the doctors might have to go in the cauterize the misfires.
I am hoping to do some crafting this weekend and work on some cute holiday ideas.
In the picture above is my little dog Oreo who also has heart problems, and is on special medications, guess it kind of holds true that our pets are like us. Like her I am trying hard to take it easy and get things under control.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I am working on for Thursday Oct 20th

I am busy working on 2 items at the same time I started this Paper Mache’ doll a few weeks ago and soon I will have her finished. She is for Halloween and a devilish character and I have quite a bit more to do. I have used balloon's to create the body and head so far and I have done up my own sauce for the strips of news paper I used to cover the balloon's and then I let the dry and popped the balloons inside, now I am painting with acrylic paints and I will use yarn for hair create some legs and create a dress for her using Halloween fabric.
In the project pictured below is another Topsy Turvy doll, this one will be for fall time and she will be a happy and sad 2 way doll, I have painted the face with acrylic paints and added the hair which is a cotton yarn sewn into the head of the doll. I just need to finish the blouse, arms and skirt. I should be finished with both in another week and then I will get back to making some Christmas items and I am thinking about sharing a cute project idea with you all.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Project I Started a Long Time Ago, Painting the Hallway

I wanted to share something, after losing our home in Nov 2, 99 which was a total lost. The new house was built in 2001 and the walls were painted an off white and it looked so blah... I decided to do something which did not go over with most living in my home, yes talking about my children and husband. They just thought it wrong that mom was drawing on the walls! I really felt the walls needed something sot I began painting a long whirling, looping some what ivy down my hallway, I used acrylics and had a blast I want to do more... But I am going to do some fast furious talking to convince the others to let me continue.I also started at the front door next to some really large windows that I thought I was giving more personality. I did not draw any designs I just started painting and loved every second of it. If my hubby would set me free on this I just would go wild I have a whole up stairs with a vaulted ceiling and more walls, my imagination is boiling over with what I could do up there! My Aunt was a great influence for this, she did her house with murals and they were wonderful I wish I taken pictures of the murals she completed. It's just amazing what one can do with a paint brush a little paint and a plain off white wall! I hope this inspires you to get your imagination going in your home.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Working for Tuesday, Ginger Bread Rag Cloth Dolls

Today I have been busy creating some Ginger Bread rag cloth dolls, there will be 3 of them I am planing on making up. I have finished one so far; this one is made from brown broad cloth and I have painted all the features using acrylic paints, accept for the cheeks which are an oil pastel.
I have added the hair using a red wool yarn and I have sewn it in using a heavy quilting thread. The doll is filled with fiber fill and the dress is a rayon/cotton blend with a rick wrack design on it.
The doll I did not use any pattern for I just sat down with the fabric and drew the doll onto the fabric and cut it all out. so the doll is quite original and I will be having fun cutting out the other 2 dolls because I just never know how they will come out when just cutting the fabric. I will be adding these dolls a little later on to the Etsy store.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

French Toast Corn Bread, quick, easy Recipe

This is just a really quick and easy way to make cornbread french toast. Buy regular cornbread mix, I just happen to like Krusteaz Natural Honey Cornbread.
Make up the cornbread as the directions state and bake according, when done cool and set in your refrigerator for 2-3 days.
That's correct keep the cornbread in the refrigerator uncovered and out of your baking dish on platter or large plate, you want the cornbread to become dried out and hard.
After 3 days you are ready for the cornbread french toast. Mix 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, 2 tsp. of cinnamon, and 1 table spoon of sugar all together; slice the corn bread into rectangle squares.
Heat a large skillet on stove at medium to medium high temp and add 1/2 of butter, dip the cornbread in the milk mixture and drain slightly add quickly to hot skillet, turn often as not to burn the corn bread. What you are doing is frying the cornbread so that it is nice and crunchy on the outside. You can warm strawberry preserves and top the corn bread or serve with maple syrup, add scrambled eggs as a side with this, oh yum! In the picture above I have just added the syrup, but there are a lot of ways to do this so I hope this gets you started on different ways to make cornbread french toast.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Finished Grubby Reindeer and Some Halloween Fabric Bowls

Okay they are finished! and oh my gosh do they smell just yum! I drove my son and husband nuts with the smell of cinnamon in the house. These little Reindeer are grubby and scented and will be cute Christmas decor for someone. I will be adding them to the Etsy store shortly along some other new items.
Sunday I was able to to also get some Halloween Fabric bowls done up and here they are; I did them up with some really nice cotton Halloween fabrics and they too are headed for my store. I will be selling them as a set. Sunday was a fun day not only did I do crafting but I came with a way to get rid of that day old corn bread! I will share that with you in a few days. It's Corn bread french toast and its yummy!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

What I am Working on for Saturday Oct 1, 2011 Some very Cute Aged Reindeer

Today I am busy crafting away, and I just felt it was time for some reindeer so here is the first one.
I am making him out of some cute cotton Christmas fabric and staining him with cinnamon, coffee and vanilla. I am going to make a set of 3 this is a photo of the large and I will have 2 more smaller ones done later today.
I am filling them with some beans to help them stand and the rest is fiber fill. I have also gone outside and cute some smaller branches of my bamboo tree to make the antlers, a little cotton yarn for hair and so these guys smell great! I have made everyone in my home hungry with the smell.
I am also sponge brushing the stain onto the reindeer and and blow drying them, it just making the staining come out really looking.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Time to Reflect and Dream Big Dreams, another whacked out quilt

This 22x18 quilt is one of kind in that I designed it entirely, no patterns were used just a bit of whacking. The quilt is all about fall time, with the ripe pumpkins, the clear cool sky, leaves are just about done falling off the trees and where is everyone? well they are all tucked away in the small house keeping warm. I used all kinds of cotton fabrics to create this whacked out quilt, some flannel for the roof of the house and white broad cloth for the clouds. In a couple of the lower pumpkins I have even added a little extra fiber fill to make them more dimensional. The quilt is backed with quilting batting and black denim. This quilt will also come with a dowel stick to help hang it and it is not in the photo. You can find it here to purchase http://www.etsy.com/listing/82584395/a-time-to-reflect-dream-big-dreams-life

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revamping a Doll to Look Grubby as can be

Today I am having a little fun with one of my dolls I made up a while back. Originally this doll was not stained but rather plain I would have to say; so I am redoing her just a little I have have stained her to look grubby and I used one cup of coffee and and 2 table spoons of water, a real thick stain. I just dribbled the coffee onto the fake white fur and let it spread naturally the rest of the body I did use a sponge paint brush to get the stain on her legs, body, arms hair and face. I will take some light weight sand paper to her and some cinnamon for a more Grubby look. I find it so much fun to find things I have done up a while back and go and redo them over again, its kind of fun seeing what changes can take place when you redo over something!
Today I will finish her up and the Topsy Turvy doll.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I am Working on for Tuesday Sept 20, 2011

I am having a bit of fun making this 12 inch Topsy turvy Halloween doll. I have cut out my pattern one will be a cat and the other a girl ghoul, I am using Osnaburg fabric and I have painted one with green acrylic paint and the other with black.
At this time I am adding facial features with oil pastels and acyclic paints. On the green ghoul girl I also did a bit of a black acrylic wash over the green and green on the black cat. I really enjoy using the oils on the fabric the eyes and coloring on the black cat is turning fairly well. Oh yes I found these new wonderful acrylic paints in pen form that I have been using, I found them at my local art store along with new oils.

I am blending two different shades of purple, with white acrylic paint, red acrylic paint and black. I am also using yellow oils for the eyes.
This is a close of the green girl ghoul, again I am using black acrylic paints, yellow oil pastels, red acrylic paint. I should have her done in a few more days, but I will give you a look at how I do my hair for my dolls on this little one and show how she is coming along later on this week. Not sure if I will use pink yarn or black yarn? for hair, you are welcome to leave comments on what color hair she should have give me your idea!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Astoria Oregon Coast Guard Air Show and Open House

I just love attending the Coast guard Open house and this year I got some great pictures to share with you all! Plus a few great videos! I am very thankful for the service these men and women do here.

Caught some action in the air with a neat stunt plane

thought this was a great picture in the rain

I got to film one of the demo's of a rescue that the coast guard here often does and I was happy with how well it came out. Hope you enjoy watching this video.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Something new I just finished, Set of Three Oregon Black Bear Ornies

These were just a ton of fun to create! I design a 10 inch pattern for these Oregon black bears and cut them out from Osnaburg. ( that's right I finally learned how to spell it lol!)
The fabric then was stained with instant coffee and black acrylic paint. I made sure the seam shows so that the edging part stands out with the fraying. The faces are painted with acrylic paints and I used some twine for bows. I tried to make each face just a little different I think these guys will make great bowl fillers! and you can find them here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/81650237/set-of-three-black-bear-primitive-ornies

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creating Ideas for my Whacked Out Quilts

Today is kind of a lazy day for me this Saturday, so I am sitting down and just drawing out ideas for up coming whacked out wall hanging quilts.
I thought this one just might make a cute Halloween quilt some kitty cats ruffled by a ghost.
I have to you all that a few weeks ago I found out I am going to be a grandma. My daughter of 20 years of age is 8 weeks pregnant the baby will come in April, it's thrilling news! The second quilt idea is going to be a bit more serious, a fall scene with a deer in it. This drawing idea is really in the rough I have only done it in pencil and not ink yet so I hope you all can see it. Sometimes I will sit down and start drawing out ideas for quilts and then start whacking and making patterns, most of the time I just start cutting on the fabric. It often depends on how complicated I want to get with a quilt idea. You can see that the top picture/drawing is going simple to whack out but the deer is going to be harder and I will need to put much more thought into how exactly I will whack out the quilt. I think I better come up with a Thanksgiving wall hanging quilt with some goofy turkeys! So it's time to head to the sketch pad and get busy!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hunkered Down for Fall Time, The Finished Whacked Out Wall Hanging quilt

This Whacked out appliqued wall hanging quilt is an original design, created by me with the use of no patterns. I created this quilt by just simply cutting the shapes I wanted, the quilt measures 15 inches across and 22 inches long. I have used all cotton quilting fabrics in the quilt accept for the sheep which are an off white/cream colored fake fur. I have added all kinds of great decorative stitching on the quilt with the use of my sewing machine with a a white rayon thread and reason I used a white rayon thread was to create the idea of frost on the ground and on the tree. You can see gray sky as one would see a cool crisp fall day and the leaves are long gone off the tree along with the grassy hills turning brown. The sheep are attempting to keep warm and so they all are laying down on the hills as the frost settles in for the day.
The quilt is backed with quilting batting and cotton fabrics, I did not take pictures of the bamboo but it will come with the quilt to help hang this whacked out wall hanging quilt. You can find it here
http://www.etsy.com/listing/81400294/whacked-out-wall-hanging-quilt-all for purchasing.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I am Working on for Thursday Sept 1, 2011

Well I just could not stand it! I had to get spooky yesterday so I designed this little wall decor for the Halloween holidays. Plus it gives me a chance to keep up on my cartooning.
So the design is original, I thought it up of course and I used acrylic paints for the scene and on the wood I sanded it, drilled some holes for the twine then I used my oil pastels on the wood and did some rubbing the oils into the grain of wood. I have to mention it was a dream of someday getting syndicated with my cartooning but I have not been able to get local newspapers here on the coast interested in me, in Montana the owner of the paper there really liked my political cartoons on local government issues. So I came up with this idea, I am hoping people will like it.
Secondly I have another small whacked out quilt going, as you can see all the pieces are cut out and I am laying out the scene I want. The story is is a simple one with all the black, gray, and browns, it is fall time nearing winter and the sheep are laying about trying to keep warm from the cool fall weather. I am using cotton quilting fabrics, but for the sheep I am using an off white fake fur.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

18x20 Whacked out Appliqued Wall Hanging Quilt, Oregon Black Bears on the Hunt for Blackberries

This is the finished whacked out quilt I had so much fun creating it! The story is about two Oregon black bear clubs trying to find black berries and its looks as there is none! In the trees I have added a bald eagle and a squirrel just to give the quilt that added touch and yes they are watching the cubs search for black berries. I have backed the quilt with quilting batting and a dark brown cotton/rayon fabric. I did the blanket stitch on most of the quilt with a few more decorative stitches added. The quilt is here http://www.etsy.com/listing/80815571/18x20-whacked-out-appliqued-wall-hanging
Now for some more big news!
I have closed my Art fire store for It's Just Frankly Kute Productions and moved it to Etsy! so you will find it here http://www.etsy.com/shop/pamelastocker1?ref=si_shop
I have several reasons for leaving Art Fire but I would like to just keep that personal, I hope you all will find your way over to the new location. Right I am working on adding all the items so there may not seem much there right now but soon I will have everything uploaded and added, I will mention one reason; it was more convenient to have both stores in one place. So now It's Just Frankly Kute Productions will not get neglected anymore by me.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I am Working on for Saturday, Black Berry Bear Wall hanging Quilt

Well I am busy again! this time I wanted to get started on whacking out a new wall quilt.
This is what I have done so far...
I have cut a square of Onsburg and I am adding all my pieces, such as the light blue sky which is cotton quilting fabric and the trees, bears are all quilting fabrics accept for the foreground which is an upholstery fabric.
The plants and trees are made by me just cutting on the fabric and the desired shape and look I wanted, now the bears I did design a small pattern for and then transferred onto fabric for cutting.
I have added and placed everything where I want it to be and to keep it in place I have used a glue stick and rubbed it on the backs of each piece of whacked out fabric, later I will take some thread and run it through it placed piece to further keep in place while I am sewing this quilt out on my sewing machine. I will back the quilt with quilting batting and I am thinking about cutting up a pair of old jeans and making squares around the outside of the quilt and I will cut some of my bamboo and make a hanger for the quilt. So now I am headed back to the sewing machine to see what other kinds of crafting ideas I can come up with for later.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sharing some Yummy Recipes for Dinner Tonight

Today thought I would share some yummy recipes with you for a great dinner, cool drink and some delight cookies.
First is the Turkey Cabbage Rolls
you will need a large cabbage for this, 1 pound of ground turkey, instant cooked rice, white onion, egg, tomato sauce, garlic salt and parsley.
Peel the cabbage leafs off carefully to get one large leaf and you will need6-8 leafs, now boil these in large pot of water and about a 1 teaspoon of salt until leafs are just slightly tender.
While you are boiling the leafs you will want to make the instant rice, so in another pot boil and cook 1 cup of instant rice.
Once the rice is cooked. Remove and add chopped onion, egg, turkey meat, parsley, and 1/2 cup of tomato sauce. Place one leaf into well greased baking dish and spoon the meat mixture in center and roll the leaf, repeat again until you have used all the mixture and leafs,now use the rest of your tomato sauce and pour over top of cabbages, be use to use a large can of tomato sauce so that you have plenty. Place in oven and bake for 35-40 minutes at 350 degrees. I did not have to use toothpicks because I stuffed them full and rolled them so that the opening was to the bottom of the baking dish.

This is a watermelon slushy and is it good on a hot day!
You will need a blender, ice, sugar, and watermelon.
First crush the ice in the blender, now scoop out seedless water melon chunks, about 1 cup of seedless water melon and 1 1/2 cups of ice. Add 1/2 of sugar or 2 tablespoons of honey and blend!
This is just so yummy and cooling!
Now onto the cookies, would you believe these lasted less than a day in my house!
you will need 2 bags of sugar cookie mix, 1 1/2 cups of chocolate rice cereal, 2 eggs, 1 cup of butter melted and 3 cookie and cream candy bars crushed.
What I did first was to melt my butter, and just take a butter knife and crush the candy bars in their packages made things easier. So add the sugar cookie mix to a large bowl, the egg and butter, then the cereal and candy mix well. The dough should stick together and form large balls, if not then melt a little more butter and add gradually. I made large cookies about 2 to 2 1/2 inch balls I placed onto a well greased cookie sheet and baked at 325 degrees for 10-12 minutes.
These are all simple, easy prep recipes and lots of fun to make!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh My, Working with Oil Pastels and Acrylic Paints, on Different Kinds of Fabrics

I have been having a blast with my oil pastels, I have created two new witches and used the oil pastels for the facial features. In the picture below I have used Onsburg in the photo above its muslin. In using the Onsburg; I have first stained the fabric with instant coffee and used a blow dyer then worked the oil pastels into the fabric. I also used some acrylic paints for the eye brows and lashes. The top picture is just oil pastels blend for a very soft look to this witch.
In this photo I have cut off the legs of some grey fabric and I am making a primitive mouse that will have a pumpkin and have stain the fabric with instant coffee but I also have used a walnut spay to make the mouse even more grubby and rubbed a tiny bit of cinnamon into the fabric, so this mouse is getting a workout!
I am also using oil pastels to create the eyes and nose and some black acrylic paint for the lashes. I have finished the dolls above and I am now working on the mouse. You can see the complete dolls here http://www.etsy.com/shop/49pamela?ref=si_shop I have also blogged about one of the dolls at It's Just Krazy Kute Productions
It has been fun working and designing my newest creations, and I love the effect oil pastels can create on fabric.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Part 2 The Making of a 10 Inch Grubby Rag Cloth Doll

Howdy! to everyone, I am back with the second half of making this 10 inch cloth doll.
In the the picture above you can see more how well the staining set in after I blew dried it the second time around. Now I am adding the hair and how you want to do this is cut a about a 3 inch wide piece of cardboard and wrap the yarn around about 6-8 times depending on how thick you want the hair to be, don't wrap tightly, you want the yarn somewhat loose so that you can pull it off the carboard. Once you have taken it off the cardboard cut a small piece of yarn and tie, knot the yarn in the center of you looped yarn. Next cut open the loops or just leave if you want the hair to have loops; In this doll I cut the loops open to give the doll more of a shaggy look.
Use heavy quilting thread to attach the yarn (hair) to the head of the doll. I usually knot my thread and begin on on side the head, working to the other side. I start the needle and thread first into the head then bring the needle and thread through my knot in the yarn and pull tight enough so that the yarn is firmly on the head of the doll and continue working through. I may just do a blog on sewing yarn or hair to doll and show more clearly on my technique of how I do it. I am looking at this seeing I don't have pictures showing what is going on.
Once you have sewn the hair (yarn) on then paint the facial features on with acrylic paints. I took a very small paint brush (for very fine detail) for the nose, eyes and cheeks. The cheeks are done by dry brushing the acrylic paint on, then I dipped a tooth pick in red to add some tiny freckles to her face.

In this photo which would not fall into order; I have sewn the two small squares together,making the pantaloons and now I am adding and gathering them on the doll. I will have to also blog a more detailed blog on how I make pantaloons. But I think you will have an idea of what I am doing here. (hope this made sense)
(This part should have been before gathering the pantaloons, but my blog but for some reason it would not let the me put the photos in the correct order.)You now want to cut a 12 inch long and 6 inch wide strip of Homespun fabric, cut on the fold; cut two 8 inch long and 4 inch wide strips of Homespun fabric on the fold. The 12 inch strip will be the dress and the 8 inches pieces will be the pantaloons. In the photo I have been rubbing in the cinnamon into each of the pieces. In the picture below I have gather the strip of fabric and placed over the top of the doll and cut two slits to slide the arms of the doll through. You can see the end result in the very top photo, I ended up cutting one more small strip of fabric and adding it to the hair as a little tie up and gave her more personality. This is a fun doll that one can come up with many different ways to create her, this is only one example that I have done. Later on I will have a blog on an easy way to make pantaloons and how I make the hair for my dolls, I have enjoyed sharing this and I hope you all have fun reading and getting creative with me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Step in Making a 10 inch Grubby Rag Cloth doll

Yesterday, Sunday August 14, 2011 I was busy creating a little 10 inch Grubby rag cloth doll and thought I would share how I created it.
So first I began with one of my cloth doll patterns, a 10 inch doll and then I cut the doll out of muslin.
I then sewed up the doll on my sewing machine and created some stain. The fabric soaked about 30 minutes, then was put onto a cookie sheet and baked at 200 degrees. After baking and the fabric was completely dry I filled the doll with fiber fill and added the legs. I began to re-stain the doll by using a small sponge brush and applying more staining on the doll; this second time I did not bake the doll but instead used a blow dryer to get darker and a more grubby stain.

You can see in the photo how the staining and the use of the blow dryer is making this little doll very grubby. Below is another photo of the doll dry.

I think she is turning out well and this point I will be adding the facial features and her hair and clothing that will be simple. In the second part of The First Step in Making a 10 inch Grubby Rag Cloth Doll; I will show the hair, facial features and the outfit I create for this doll and how or what I do to stain the outfit. I just wanted to share the first steps and next Monday August 22 I will let see that part so I hope you all will come back and see how this cute grubby doll turns out.