Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday's What are You Working on Projects Halloween fabric Bowl , Fabric Bowl and Black Bear Painting

 Good Saturday morning to everyone! Boy did the weekend sneak up on me! Seems we are getting awful close to fall time and back to school, dang! I need just a little more summertime.
A couple of days back I got to looking at all my story book panels of fabric and I have lots I was thinking quilts when I bought the fabrics but I ran across this wonderful crafting, quilting store in Astoria Oregon called and they had this wonderful panel local old Salmon Cannery Labels  on fabric.  I had to get some naturally! because I also saw something really cool fabric bowls being made out of the labels, and that's what is pictured below a bowl I created using this fabric.  So hit me like bricks, why not do this with the story book panels?  I also bought some Pellon 2 sided extra firm fusible stabilizer at the store and just love it!
What I doing in the pictures is taking the Charlie Brown Halloween story book panel and cutting two panels for the top and two panels for the bottom, I bought 2-3 panels because I love the story of the Great Pumpkin!  I ironed the panels to the 2 side stabilizer and cute the panels at angels to make the bowls and I might do a better tutorial for making these type of fabric bowls.
 This my own design so I am not using any patterns, in this picture is how the Old Cannery label turned out, its more of an oval bowl and I have added a plaid wire ribbon and some other cute cotton fabric to the outside of the bowl.

 This is the outside of the bowl is this not cute fabric too? I just really like it and this I got at Joann's in the Novelty section.  The very last picture is my latest creation with the card stock paper and my acrylic paints.  I created my own idea of a local black bear! My hubby saw it and said that's more of a brown bear, but the black bears do a have a bit of brown in them.  Oh well I like how it turned out!  The bear is laying on an old log in the Oregon woods and its suppose to be black berry vines and leaves in front of him.  I feel every artist sees things just a bit different than the rest of the world don't you?