Wednesday, June 25, 2008

50% off Sale in my store for July

Hey everyone, just wanted you all to know I have decided to have a huge sale on everything in my store.
Most everything is 50% off or a little more, and a few things are under 50%. But it's still a very huge sale!
The sale ends July 25th, and one week before the end of the sale I may just add another 10% off.
The reasons:
Well some items have been sitting for a while and I want to get busy with a whole bunch of new creations!
So out with the old so all the new can come in.
It's the holidays, and what better than to have a huge sale for the 4th of July.
Because I wanted to have some fun and create some excitement in the store.
I hope you all will get as excited about this huge sale as I am and come into my store and take a look at everything! Remember too there is a give away going on, be sure to throw your name win and win.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Easy Breakfast meal that's quick

This is easy and YUM! and fun to make.
What you will need eggs, spam, shredded cheese of your choice, English muffins, plain or with raisins. I love the one's with raisins, very yummy. Toast the English muffins as usual, when they pop up sprinkle your shredded cheese on so that will melt. Slice and cook up the spam and eggs, make sure to break the yoke just slightly. Now add the cooked spam and top with the egg. This would be great too with a slice of cantaloupe or apples quick and easy.
Remember to spray your pan with a nonstick spray and it helps make it low fat, using no salt or low fat spam also is a great idea for everyone.