Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cold on the Coast! Winter came early! sharing some photos around home with different overlays

 Boy are little birds hungry! winter on the Oregon coast can be tough on them went and bought another feeder!
 It has been quite cold on the Oregon coast! we got about 2 inches of snow so I decided to take some pictures and add some really neat overlays just to play around and see how they photos would come out!

 Ruffles was so cold that she has remained close to the small heater!  I really like the water color overlay on my front yard.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Working on New Items that are in my Stores

 Good afternoon to everyone!
you all may wonder why I have not posted lately, well I have had nothing but computer problems.  First the Modem blew up and the wonderful desktop blew.  So I had to go buy a new computer and modem.  Security is tight on windows 8 and I really goofed for a few days I had myself locked out of my new computer, PHEW!!
Yes I finally got the computer unlocked and I am now able to do what I want online.  I am thinking about writing a funny book on all the wild things that have happened to me over the years, some of it I can't even believe happened!
Anyway I have been crafting!  I created the picture frame for fall using all my wonder oil based acrylic paints and then I used one my fall digital photos for the center.  Can you all see the geese? I was trying to lighten and make them almost hidden.
 Onto the Ginger Bread Men, I designed the pattern for these little guys and I am going to up load a video on my YouTube channel in a bit showing how to make them but I also will be adding a new free pattern you that you all can make these little men anyway you would like to make them.  I have sew a decorative stitch around them and also painted them with acrylic paints.
I have also created this little puffy bear and I think I may have talked about him before because there are many different ways to make this bear.  I have made him from muslin and stained him for a primitive look and he is in my store, I am thinking about adding of pattern of him in the store too or sharing the pattern with you all I am not sure yet on what I want to do.    I really like this look of him and I think I will so more bears like the photo.  I liked the staining and painting of the nose, mouth, lashes and the touch of powdered blush.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank you! for your service for the Veterans on Veteran's Day

In my family its lots of navy, a bit of air force, army but I am also thankful for all those who did serve and those that are serving now, thankful to for their families for sharing that member and making such a sacrifice you all in always in my thoughts and prayers.

Friday, November 1, 2013

This is Panny the Plaid Purple Bear

 You can find Panny in my Etsy store Mapela's Rag Cloth Doll & Animals.  Panny is from one old time vintage stash patterns; this bear pattern comes from 1965.  Panny does not sit he is a standing bear, I created from some purple Berber that I had and I even followed the patterns directions which call for Berber but I had plaid purple not brown.  Instead of using felt for his eyes I used small safety eyes that are brown and a black small safety nose.  He is 17 inches long and I have filled him with fiber fill and added a purple and sliver wire ribbon around his neck.  Panny is the name I choose for him he originally did not have a name I just thought he looked like a Panny the Bear!  He is safe for kids 4 and up because of the safety eyes.  I another reason the pattern made him standing so that is very hug easy! and easy to cuddle in bed don't you all think?

Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Easy Halloween Treat Witch's Snot Green Chocolate Brownies

This is a really simple recipe and its a good Halloween treat for desert after a meal.   What you will need is 1 box of  brownie mix and one can of lime pie filling and I found my mix and pie fill right in the baking section of and grocery store.  Do up the mix as stated on the box and you need a brownie mix that states to use 2 eggs, so the mix I used was Pillsbury's brownie mix.  In well greased 9 X 11 pan pour enough the brownie mixture to just cover the entire pan don't pour all the mix you want to save about half so half in the pan then add and the lime pie filling and carefully with a spatula spread over the bottom part of the brownie mixture it may be a little hard but it can get done. Then pour the other half of the brownie mixture over the top of the lime pie fill and lightly swirl the mixtures together.  You can sort of see that in the finished brownies pictured above.  Bake until the tooth pick comes out clean.  The cool thing about these brownies is when they are still warm the lime pie filling oozes out to look like green snot!  I have made these for my neighbors little boys! and do they love them!  Should you not like the taste of lime you can use the cook vanilla pudding and add green food color, just make the pudding before doing the brownies and add some green food coloring, I like the pie filling better its thicker and it oozes much more easily, and gives a wonderful tart taste to plain brownies.  I will also add this recipe to my recipes in case you miss out!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Ghoulish fog Saturday Morning cool crisp Halloween Weather

 Good Saturday afternoon to everyone!!
Today I had to share the photos of this morning's pictures!  One of my most favorite things about living in Astoria and on the Oregon coast is the fall weather and woo who!  we have been having some really nice weather in the afternoon, morning are pretty brisk but the afternoons are sunny and bright.  I also love the fall fog I don't know I just do and what is really neat is I can drive into Astoria and go to the column and be above the fog and so that's what these pictures are of, capturing the fog below.  I also had to add a picture of the column, which you can still climb as you can see in the picture someone has done that, if I remember right I believe its a 177-174 steps to the top.  In some of pictures you can see Saddle Mountain in the distance. So now I better go sit outside and enjoy the sun and later I will pick on the crafting again.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Whacked out Applique Quilt Done with my Dad and Husband in Mind, The Fisherman's Tresure

Good morning! today I am slightly off the subject of Halloween but notice I have mentioned it.  I wanted to share one of favorite quilts again, I did this large wall hanging quilt up some time ago but thought today I share it again.  I designed this quilt with no patterns! I cut out everything free hand straight from the fabric.  It's a fairly simple design in that there are no complicated pieces to it.  That's why I love this form of quilting and I very thankful to my Aunt Carol for showing me this!
Anyway back to the quilt, I designed with the fisherman in mind its mostly fantasy! what fisherman does not dream about meeting up a lovely mermaid?  The story is first about the fisherman catching that fish tale story to brag to all his friends(ever notice how big those fish stories get? or about the one that got away?)
The first square is all the mermaids sunbathing and watching over the treasure.  In the second one you see one mermaid hiding as all the others were scared off and the fisherman in a casting mess! I used all kinds of fabrics for this corduroy, flannel, cottons, other crafting fabrics, thread, buttons just about anything and everything I could find to put in this quilt.  I did the sewing on a machine but used the footer up so that I could get the tangled mess in the fishing line.
In the second half of the story the fisherman finds himself in big trouble by hooking the wrong kind of fish! which is not a fish! and you see what I designed? an octopus. Notice the mermaid in the back round and the whale, you guessed right they rescue the silly fisherman from the nasty octopus and the mermaids give the poor fisherman the treasure!
I use lots a various stitch designs and backed the quilt with quilting batting and a rayon fabric that I found in a second hand store.  I have been thinking about adding it to my store but part of me wants to hand onto it for my grand children to have and remember me by.  Thank you for letting me share one of many favorite quilts with all of you, quilting can be so much fun by just sitting and letting the story come to life as you begin to cut out each piece to make a whack out applique quilt.  You all have a great day!  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

More Halloween Crafting going in my Home, Paper Mache' Cone Witches!

EEK!  These frightful witches are ready for Halloween!
I just had to use my imagination when I found these 6 inch cone paper mache' items.  I have even named these 3 ghoulish witches! They are Ada, Adair and Aglea!
First I painted the cones with a mixture of 2 different green acrylic paints to get the color I wanted; then I added just some simple but scary faces.  Next I decided to decorate the cones with scrap book Halloween paper and make look like each witch was wearing a different style of dress.  On Ada who is in the middle I even rumbled up the paper to make appear as a wrinkled dress.  I used 2 types of glue, hot and E600 for more sturdy hold.  I used black craft foam for their hats and yarn for hair, which I just wrapped on 2 fingers then knotted the yarn and glued on each cone.  I also had some great black glitter craft foam, buttons of various kinds, scrap book dimensional stickers and black beads.  For their hands I used thin wire and felt and a little bit of ribbon and fabric to finish off their look!
Tomorrow I will working on some dolls and I need to get busy crafting some cute turkeys and snowmen!
I can't believe how fast Halloween is approaching!   This year too I plan seeing the talking tombstones and filming again but I think I post the video on my YouTube channel.  I have also added a small new recipe using my canned peaches and making smoothies and I will have a white bean stew ready soon!  Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

What I am working on Saturday Oct 12 for Halloween

I am still having fun with one of my all time favorite holidays!  I have discovered lots of empty cans around my home and got to thinking about what do do with them!  I got tired of just throwing them out so I thought time to recycle some these cans.  This is my first try at creating my tin can critters, so I am thinking about calling them.  
This is Frankie and Abby! I took a small coffee can and primed it with gray prime paint and then began painting with various colors of greens, red and black.  
Then I used my scrapbook paper for a shirt and some pants.  I painted a little on the green plaid paper, making suspenders in brown and green buttons.  I hot glued some owl buttons and I took some the green plaid paper and made a neck bow for Frankie.  His nose is bake clay and purple in color for this hands, nose, I have also made some feet which I will be gluing on later with a strong glue.  Now onto Abby who is sitting on Frankie's head.  I took black yarn and gathered and knotted it to make my spider... yes Abby is a black spider!   Right now I am on hair pin spin! love hair pins they just make great legs! for creepy crawly things.  I glued the legs into the yarn and added some buttons for a red nose and decor on Abby, such as a candy corn button and black beads for eyes and a leaf, a touch of twine for her hair! which is now tied up.  I need to do a little more on Frankie I need to fix that one arm a more and add the feet but he was tons of fun to create and you all can do this!  All you need are acrylic paints, gray prime paint, scrape book decor, paper, poly bake clay, the color can be your choice, coffee can, yarn, buttons, scissors, hot glue, heavy duty glue like E6000  and a bit of twine! and let your imagination run wild!
Now onto the top picture, I found these little paper mache' houses in a craft store and fell in love with them!  They are much lighter than using the rocks when I made the rock cottages and I really can let my imagination run wild for Halloween cottages which this is what I have created here pictured.  I am using acrylic paints and sealing the house with an acrylic sealer.  The scene is all done free hand and no patterns are used.  What fun I am having this weekend! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Teaching Me How to Hook a Rug with Yarn

Good afternoon from the Oregon coast! I hope you all are well!?
Well I finally went and did it, bought myself some different yarns and a rug hook along with fabric to hook the rug.  I am using a small rug hook, wool yarn along with acrylic yarn.  The pattern is my very own design a Halloween cat with some pumpkins and a small bat.
I did use Burlap for the rug and backed it with grip rubber liner that you might use in a cupboard for glasses.  I used a yellow acrylic yarn to do a binding stitch around the burlap and backing of the rug, this is my first time playing around with the yarns which I love rather than trying wool, which is a little more expensive.  I guess too that I just love all the various types of yarns and textures and even plan on hooking with ribbon, because I a little test with ribbon and found it works great!  Another thing I did after finishing the rug was to steam iron it and I think is an important thing to do when using the various yarns it seemed to level everything out and make the rug look a lot better.  Oh yes I almost forgot! before even beginning the rug I sewed a stitch around the burlap so that it did not unravel all the burlap.  You are also probably wondering how I hooked being that I forgot to take a picture of what I used to hold the rug, my hubby took a large bike wheel frame sanded it down and painted it and I have a small elastic tie down that loops perfectly around the bike wheel! I just love my hubby for creating my very own rug hooking loop! It's one of kind and works really well.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The winner is....

The winner is Barb! Congratulations!  Please send me your mailing address and Monday I will get the ghost and plate out to you!

Monday, September 30, 2013

You Know You're a Witch When.... The Give Away Begins!

Okay here is the start of the give away... hooray!
To win this hand painted plate, you will need to leave a comment on my blog telling me... "you know your a witch when.... and fill in the blank, you can be as funny, goofy or serious as you like. The second part of this give away is to go to my face book page which is here...  please click on the like button! and leave a comment about the little ghost! Again it can be cute, silly or funny comment about the ghost!  So there are 2 prizes to win in this give away and the event will end OCT 7th.  I will then place all the witch comments in one hat and all the ghost comments in another hat and the drawing will be held OCT 8th and I will post the WINNERS HERE ON MY BLOG! Once you; the Winners see you have won please email me your mailing address, email me at
So Don't miss out on your chance to WIN! WiN!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Frolic with the Old Farm House Gathering Team

Come see all the talented members! lots of grand fall items and yup I am there too! so come check it out and have some FUN! click here.....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Working on all Kinds of Halloween Goodies What I have been up to this week

Well you probably wondering where I have been? crafting away for October!  These are a few of the new things I have done up.  First is a 6 inch soap dispenser with a little cute black cat.

 This a a 17 inch rag cloth doll witch that I created, I made up my own pattern and cut the body of the doll out of muslin then painted a bootiful expression on the witch and this time I used a little hot glue and some black fake fur for the hair
 This is from a old crafting magazine pattern that is been with me for a very long time I thought it was about time to do up this pattern.  The body is muslin that I have stained with coffee, vanilla, and cinnamon.  then I used black yarn for the hair and some gold nails for the bolts in his neck.  I just love how he came out! and I am planing on making another one but may staining the fabric with green acrylic paint.
This is last item a 19 X 30 table runner for Halloween.  I had some spare pumpkin orange broad cloth and I thought table runner!  So I did a applique work and added some cute cotton Halloween fabric and some nice black fringe.
Oh yes now onto the giveaway, which be not September but October 2/13 and there will be a Halloween item and a Thanksgiving item... that's right 2 items! 2 winners and there also might a dare I say it! a Christmas item! yes I dare say it! remember Oct 2 is my huge give ways! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Meet Gytha the Enchantress a 27 inch Rag Cloth Doll

Gytha  would rather be call Enchantress rather than just a plain old witch!  I created this enchantress a while back but  a few days ago I decided she needed to come out and be noticed again.  The doll is made from robe velour and filled with fiber fill.  
I have added cat green safety eyes and put a dab of white acrylic paint on the cat eyes, the mouth is a heart shaped button and I have also painted her mouth, eye lashes, eye brows, freckles on using acrylic paints.  I have also made some the lashes from some thick wire thread that I had laying about.  The hair is a yellow/ green tint that is a wool/ cotton blend of yarn and I did hand sew the yarn into the head of the doll using quilting thread.  
The legs of the doll are a Halloween cotton fabric, the outfit is made from black fleece. 
I think this was one of my most favorite Enchantresses to make; my feeling its about time that I do another one.  The next one I think I will do in Osnaburg and stain her.  
I have been busying with a huge crafting fever!  Right now I am working on another Halloween quilt and a Frankenstein  rag cloth doll and I might come up with a Mrs Frankenstein doll.  It's about time I got cracking and start crafting some more new ideas.
Friday Sept 20th be on the look out because I plan on doing a give away I think its about time for another give away!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Crafting Time Fever! Got it Bad, Meet the Witch- Gin or Witch-Penguin

 You maybe wondering what the heck is that??
Well its a Witch Penguin! yes that's right a Witch Penguin...
I took a 6 inch tall round paper mache' box and was going to make a witch for Halloween but my mistake turned out to be much better and by mistake; I mean the nose made out of oven bake clay.  I painted the box with various greens and a bit of black then added the facial features, eyes and cheeks using yellow, red and purple acrylic paints and the witch was really coming along.  Until I dabbled in the oven bake clay using green for the nose which is really more a beak than a nose and some feet.  I added some black cotton fabric for a hat and outfit on the Witch Penguin and hot glued the clothing onto the box then added a large black button which is also hot glued on.  I also added some hair using a white/blue wavy textured yarn.
When  the nose/beak finished baking I asked my hubby if it looked like a witch no.... with a sad face he stated "no it's a bird beak"! I thought dang nab it! no it's a witch nose! but as I glued the nose on; my son and husband asked again.... making a witch penguin? Looks like a green penguin dressed like a witch, my son stated.  Well that's when  I really began to take a better look....
yup! its a bird..
but what kind of bird I thought...
Then my husband piped up again and said made a Witch-gin!?
Yup that's a Witch-Penguin I said!
So here it is my first attempt at a .... well I think I have stated it enough for today and what the heck it turned out cute so I think I will stick it in the store and see how the bird does!