Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I am Working on for Tuesday Sept 20, 2011

I am having a bit of fun making this 12 inch Topsy turvy Halloween doll. I have cut out my pattern one will be a cat and the other a girl ghoul, I am using Osnaburg fabric and I have painted one with green acrylic paint and the other with black.
At this time I am adding facial features with oil pastels and acyclic paints. On the green ghoul girl I also did a bit of a black acrylic wash over the green and green on the black cat. I really enjoy using the oils on the fabric the eyes and coloring on the black cat is turning fairly well. Oh yes I found these new wonderful acrylic paints in pen form that I have been using, I found them at my local art store along with new oils.

I am blending two different shades of purple, with white acrylic paint, red acrylic paint and black. I am also using yellow oils for the eyes.
This is a close of the green girl ghoul, again I am using black acrylic paints, yellow oil pastels, red acrylic paint. I should have her done in a few more days, but I will give you a look at how I do my hair for my dolls on this little one and show how she is coming along later on this week. Not sure if I will use pink yarn or black yarn? for hair, you are welcome to leave comments on what color hair she should have give me your idea!

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