Saturday, September 10, 2011

Creating Ideas for my Whacked Out Quilts

Today is kind of a lazy day for me this Saturday, so I am sitting down and just drawing out ideas for up coming whacked out wall hanging quilts.
I thought this one just might make a cute Halloween quilt some kitty cats ruffled by a ghost.
I have to you all that a few weeks ago I found out I am going to be a grandma. My daughter of 20 years of age is 8 weeks pregnant the baby will come in April, it's thrilling news! The second quilt idea is going to be a bit more serious, a fall scene with a deer in it. This drawing idea is really in the rough I have only done it in pencil and not ink yet so I hope you all can see it. Sometimes I will sit down and start drawing out ideas for quilts and then start whacking and making patterns, most of the time I just start cutting on the fabric. It often depends on how complicated I want to get with a quilt idea. You can see that the top picture/drawing is going simple to whack out but the deer is going to be harder and I will need to put much more thought into how exactly I will whack out the quilt. I think I better come up with a Thanksgiving wall hanging quilt with some goofy turkeys! So it's time to head to the sketch pad and get busy!

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