Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Step in Making a 10 inch Grubby Rag Cloth doll

Yesterday, Sunday August 14, 2011 I was busy creating a little 10 inch Grubby rag cloth doll and thought I would share how I created it.
So first I began with one of my cloth doll patterns, a 10 inch doll and then I cut the doll out of muslin.
I then sewed up the doll on my sewing machine and created some stain. The fabric soaked about 30 minutes, then was put onto a cookie sheet and baked at 200 degrees. After baking and the fabric was completely dry I filled the doll with fiber fill and added the legs. I began to re-stain the doll by using a small sponge brush and applying more staining on the doll; this second time I did not bake the doll but instead used a blow dryer to get darker and a more grubby stain.

You can see in the photo how the staining and the use of the blow dryer is making this little doll very grubby. Below is another photo of the doll dry.

I think she is turning out well and this point I will be adding the facial features and her hair and clothing that will be simple. In the second part of The First Step in Making a 10 inch Grubby Rag Cloth Doll; I will show the hair, facial features and the outfit I create for this doll and how or what I do to stain the outfit. I just wanted to share the first steps and next Monday August 22 I will let see that part so I hope you all will come back and see how this cute grubby doll turns out.


Elaine said...

She is cute.I use to do that and it is lots of work.keep up the good work :O)

Elaine said...

I use to do that .it is lots of work ...Your doll is really cute ,keep up the good work:O)