Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Paper Craft, I did up a While back, this can be a Journal, or Keep your Favorite Recipes

This was a fun project I did back some time ago working with ribbon, card stock, brown paper bags, a hole punch and some really cute stickers. This one is for recipes that are of the past and yet still yummy!
I found all kinds of old time recipes and left a few pages blank to add in more. I used small brown paper bags to create pockets for holding some of recipes and small tags with recipes on them. The book is about 7 inches and I have used all kind things to put into it. The idea is take some card stock and fold and cut 7x7 then fold in half small brown paper bags and align in the card stock that is going to be the front and back, then cut a smaller contrast card stock about 4 inches. Now take the paper bags and put them in the center of the cover, place the small strip on the outside as pictured above and begin using the hole punch , add string, ribbon raffia and tie good knots but not too tight as to bunch up the bags and card stock. Now have fun adding decor to this cute keepsake, or make them up as gifts for friends!

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