Thursday, December 8, 2011

What I am Working on for Decemember 8th 2011 Alseep and Awake Dolls

Good Thursday to everyone;
I have been busy with a special order I got in my Etsy store to create some dolls. Two of the dolls are for little girls and one is for a boy and I am having lots of fun creating them. The girl dolls are being made from craft robing and the boy doll is from some off brown muslin. I have painted their faces with acrylic paints and I am fill them with fiber fill.
These dolls are going to be 2 sided and look similar to the children, a kind of buddy doll for them. I have made them awake and asleep dolls, I plan on putting the blonde doll in a pink dress and brown haired doll in a white dress with black and red, the boy will have a cute grey blue dog shirt and grey overalls. I will take more pictures when they are finished and show how they turned out completely.
In my Etsy store you can now request special order dolls from some of the dolls listed in my store and I am happy to create some special for you
You can go and look through the dolls that have special requests on them and right now too I am having free shipping in my store until Dec 22th.
I am again stirring my pot up with some new ideas to share with you all and I will have a free craft project for you in a week.

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