Wednesday, August 31, 2011

18x20 Whacked out Appliqued Wall Hanging Quilt, Oregon Black Bears on the Hunt for Blackberries

This is the finished whacked out quilt I had so much fun creating it! The story is about two Oregon black bear clubs trying to find black berries and its looks as there is none! In the trees I have added a bald eagle and a squirrel just to give the quilt that added touch and yes they are watching the cubs search for black berries. I have backed the quilt with quilting batting and a dark brown cotton/rayon fabric. I did the blanket stitch on most of the quilt with a few more decorative stitches added. The quilt is here
Now for some more big news!
I have closed my Art fire store for It's Just Frankly Kute Productions and moved it to Etsy! so you will find it here
I have several reasons for leaving Art Fire but I would like to just keep that personal, I hope you all will find your way over to the new location. Right I am working on adding all the items so there may not seem much there right now but soon I will have everything uploaded and added, I will mention one reason; it was more convenient to have both stores in one place. So now It's Just Frankly Kute Productions will not get neglected anymore by me.

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