Thursday, October 20, 2011

What I am working on for Thursday Oct 20th

I am busy working on 2 items at the same time I started this Paper Mache’ doll a few weeks ago and soon I will have her finished. She is for Halloween and a devilish character and I have quite a bit more to do. I have used balloon's to create the body and head so far and I have done up my own sauce for the strips of news paper I used to cover the balloon's and then I let the dry and popped the balloons inside, now I am painting with acrylic paints and I will use yarn for hair create some legs and create a dress for her using Halloween fabric.
In the project pictured below is another Topsy Turvy doll, this one will be for fall time and she will be a happy and sad 2 way doll, I have painted the face with acrylic paints and added the hair which is a cotton yarn sewn into the head of the doll. I just need to finish the blouse, arms and skirt. I should be finished with both in another week and then I will get back to making some Christmas items and I am thinking about sharing a cute project idea with you all.

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