Saturday, August 27, 2011

What I am Working on for Saturday, Black Berry Bear Wall hanging Quilt

Well I am busy again! this time I wanted to get started on whacking out a new wall quilt.
This is what I have done so far...
I have cut a square of Onsburg and I am adding all my pieces, such as the light blue sky which is cotton quilting fabric and the trees, bears are all quilting fabrics accept for the foreground which is an upholstery fabric.
The plants and trees are made by me just cutting on the fabric and the desired shape and look I wanted, now the bears I did design a small pattern for and then transferred onto fabric for cutting.
I have added and placed everything where I want it to be and to keep it in place I have used a glue stick and rubbed it on the backs of each piece of whacked out fabric, later I will take some thread and run it through it placed piece to further keep in place while I am sewing this quilt out on my sewing machine. I will back the quilt with quilting batting and I am thinking about cutting up a pair of old jeans and making squares around the outside of the quilt and I will cut some of my bamboo and make a hanger for the quilt. So now I am headed back to the sewing machine to see what other kinds of crafting ideas I can come up with for later.

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Sugar Mountain Mercantile said...

Hi Pamela!
Love love love this quilt-in-the-making!! Just adorable :)