Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Working on New Items that are in my Stores

 Good afternoon to everyone!
you all may wonder why I have not posted lately, well I have had nothing but computer problems.  First the Modem blew up and the wonderful desktop blew.  So I had to go buy a new computer and modem.  Security is tight on windows 8 and I really goofed for a few days I had myself locked out of my new computer, PHEW!!
Yes I finally got the computer unlocked and I am now able to do what I want online.  I am thinking about writing a funny book on all the wild things that have happened to me over the years, some of it I can't even believe happened!
Anyway I have been crafting!  I created the picture frame for fall using all my wonder oil based acrylic paints and then I used one my fall digital photos for the center.  Can you all see the geese? I was trying to lighten and make them almost hidden.
 Onto the Ginger Bread Men, I designed the pattern for these little guys and I am going to up load a video on my YouTube channel in a bit showing how to make them but I also will be adding a new free pattern you that you all can make these little men anyway you would like to make them.  I have sew a decorative stitch around them and also painted them with acrylic paints.
I have also created this little puffy bear and I think I may have talked about him before because there are many different ways to make this bear.  I have made him from muslin and stained him for a primitive look and he is in my store, I am thinking about adding of pattern of him in the store too or sharing the pattern with you all I am not sure yet on what I want to do.    I really like this look of him and I think I will so more bears like the photo.  I liked the staining and painting of the nose, mouth, lashes and the touch of powdered blush.

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